Creating Your List Of Baby Essentials With Rosenberry Rooms

All expectant moms are faced with the task of compiling that all-important list of new baby essentials. The list depends on many factors. New moms may start with nothing and have no idea about all the accessories baby will require. Veteran moms may have most of what they need stashed away in the attic. Other moms may have some items, but not others. A new baby list is as individual as mom and baby.

Owl Bamboo MobileIf this is not your first, you’ll already have a good grip on what’s required. Experienced moms can help new moms, but even so, it can be challenging to cover all the bases. A great way to prepare a baby-essentials list is to visit Rosenberry Rooms and just browse.

The site is divided into categories that make it easy to review all the basics. Furniture, crib bedding, clothing, accessories, lighting, rugs, diaper bags, and booties/socks are all organized into easy-access groupings. There’s a Green area for ecologically-minded moms and a Luxury category for big spenders. Check the Sale department if you’re on a budget or browse the Designer section if you’re label conscious. As you cruise through the site, you’ll be find things you might have forgotten and get inspired about what you need.Harbor Town

When that’s done, place your must-haves on the convenient Rosenberry Rooms Gift Registry to let everyone know what you need. Shower guests, friends, and family all appreciate having a list of what you want so as not to waste time and money on what you don’t. You’re likely to get much in the way of gifts and hand-me-downs, so focus purchases on essential large items. Choose furnishings that give you lots of decorating options and have a long shelf life to maximize your investment and make things easier down the road.

genAmerica MerlotBuilt To Grow Cribs like the myHaven are reminiscent of the French countryside in 20 different finishes and very practical because they’re designed to grow with your child. These inventive beds start as cribs, convert to toddler beds, morph into day beds and finish as full beds. Built To Grow cribs like the Harbor Town Panel Slat are elegant in Espresso or Cherry and a great way to take care of baby’s sleep space for the next 20 years!Mix & Match Bookcase

Changing tables with optional components are another practical choice. The Contentment Seven Drawer Dresser in your choice of 21 finishes or the genAmerica Dresser in Merlot are workaholics that start as simple changing stations/dressers and, with the addition of optional hutches and mirrors, convert to grown-up pieces appropriate for boys or girls.

The Hampton Pointe Narrow Bookcase in Espresso or Antique White or a Mix & Match Open Bookcase in your choice of 60 finishes are another way to maximize a furniture investment. They begin as a narrow shelving units perfect for stuffed toys and are great space savers in small nurseries. They grow up with the addition of small or large storage hutches that create pleasing frames for desks or beds.

As with many things in life, if you cover the basics with an eye toward the future, the smaller things take care of themselves. In the meantime, Rosenberry Rooms has a wish list on which to register all your favorite baby items so friends and family know what to give you when holidays and birthdays roll around.


Fashion Cribs: Sweet Castles For Tiny Royals

Oeuf CribThe plain Jane nursery crib is an antiquated concept that goes out the window when you shop for popular types and styles of cribs at Rosenberry Rooms. Choose from a stunning array of exciting and amazing crib designs to anchor your personal vision of exquisite decor in baby’s room.

Traditional wooden cribs in crisp, clean motifs like the Oeuf Crib in birch or walnut are perfect for boys or girls. With optional changing station that anchors on top of the crib and toddler bed conversion kit, neutral styles like the Oeuf give you free reign to take nursery design in any direction you like. The Contentment White Traditional Stationary Crib is a lovely and sturdy interpretation of traditional design. In the styling of Louis Philippe, this crib from Young America By Stanley converts to a toddler daybed.

myHaven Built To Grow CribYou also have the option of built-to-grow cribs. With conversion kits, these ingenious beds begin as cribs, grow into toddler daybeds, and then transform into full beds. You only have to buy one bed, and baby is set for life! Rosenberry Rooms has many built-to-grow cribs, but my personal favorite is the myHaven Built to Grow Crib. Utterly charming in all its incarnations, this stylish crib from Young America by Stanley comes in 19 bright colors and brings a feeling of the fresh and fragrant countryside into the nursery and, later, the bedroom.

There are elegant wrought iron cribs like the Casablanca Crib In White by Bratt Decor with stationary side rails for maximum infant safety. This design brings the strong impact of authentic Victorian styling into baby’s room. I like to imagine what it would have been like to come into the world as a baby and have a crib like the Casablanca as part of my earliest memories. Being a girl, I would have loved the curls and flourishes in the wrought iron, and I know this crib would have made me feel like a princess.

Venetian Crib SlateThe elaborate and ornate Venetian Crib in Slate is perfect if, like me, you get bored with the same look and thrive on changing things around. With removable posts and crossbars, you can switch between an elegant canopy crib, classy four-poster crib, or a traditional crib whenever you want. The cross bars on the posts allow you to drape coordinating fabric over the top for a canopy effect that can change the color scheme in baby’s room whenever you change the sheets. This crib is perfect if you want a grand and high-style look with plenty of options.

Finally, there’s the Old World Crib by Green Frog Art with optional changing table and toy chest. This crib is for you if you love the splendor and richness of ornamental wood and antique finishing. With gold-leaf detailing and carved flourishes in the wood, you have the option of a matching Old World Cradle that’s perfect for rock-a-bye baby moments and a great way to move your little one from one room to another.


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