Meet Kim of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

Operations Manager: I oversee the day-to-day operations for Rosenberry Rooms and establish processes and procedures to increase efficiency.

What do you love most about working here?
The creative environment and knowing that we have a part in one of the most exciting times in our customer’s lives :) . Our products and services are for babies and kids and it is hard not to come into work with a smile on your face.

What is your decorating style?

Traditional yet contemporary. So, neutral furniture with clean lines and then adding a pop of accent color with wall art and décor.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

Anything by Little Giraffe, especially the Spotted Luxe Blanket in Multiple Colors, their products are my go-to baby shower gifts.

My favorite Oopsy Daisy artist is Shelly Kennedy and I love the Dare To Be Different Frog Canvas Reproduction, because it is bright, fun and has a great message.

One of my new favorite additions to Rosenberry Rooms is Twelve Timbers décor. I love anything with owls for kids so this Quote Wall Clock with Owl is my new favorite. We have it in our boutique in hot pink and up close it is so adorable!

Favorite Food
All Italian food, especially lasagna!

Favorite Movie
This is very difficult for me because I am a movie lover and have a few favorites for each genre. I can’t pick just one! Some of my favorites would have to be (musical) The Sound of Music, (romantic comedy) You’ve Got Mail and (comedy) Wayne’s World.

Favorite Song to Jam Out To

Pretty much anything Journey! One of my favorites is “Stone in Love.”

Favorite Weekend Activity

Watching any type of sport outdoors or on TV. My favorite day of the week during the fall/winter months is Sunday because I can be lazy and watch football all day!

Meet Trish Moreno of Little Giraffe!

We all know the phrase, “smoother than a baby’s bottom”, which comes from the ultra-soft and delicate feel of a baby’s skin. This also means that babies should only be surrounded by equally delicate fabrics. The luxurious collection from Little Giraffe got it right when they created their line of chenille baby blankets, plush towels, velvety pillows and satin robes. Not to mention babies immediately connect with their baby blanket for security, I mean who doesn’t remember their first “blankie”? Babies aren’t the only ones who love ultra-soft fabrics though, which is why Little Giraffe designer Trish Moreno, also developed satin robes and luxe throws in sizes for kids and moms too! The entire Little Giraffe collection comes with coordinating colors and patterns to allow you to expand your baby’s, or your, personal collection of plush blankets, pillows and more. Today I am so thrilled to introduce Trish Moreno who so clearly has a passion for this company and the relationships she creates with her products and their little owners.

How would you define the Little Giraffe style philosophy?

Little Giraffe is LOVE™.  Every day, in every way, we are focused on creating the softest and most luxurious products in the market for babies and their families.  We create multiple variations of our 5 base fabrics, Chenille, Luxe™, Bella™, Velvet Deluxe™, and Muslin, by offering multiple colors, and accenting them in original modern prints in our signature satin. Customers can trust that everything in the line coordinates by print and color, so it is really easy for them to expand on their personal collections.  Fans of Little Giraffe tend to own several of our products. Whatever we design has to have an “Awwww!” factor, or it doesn’t make it in the line. Our goal is to maintain our status as the “Shower Wower™” and also stay relevant to new parents everywhere with fashionable and functional products that soothe and calm their little ones.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business? 

I was in the fashion industry for years as an executive VP, Creative Director, and Branding Specialist before I discovered Little Giraffe. When the company was purchased from its original founders a little over two years ago, the new owners asked me to run the company. Since then, we have transformed the brand and expanded it into new categories. Most of my workday is about design and product development, and preserving the core of the brand by connecting all that we do into a singular vision. I am having a great time!

Why did you choose to design baby blankets, pillows and other items for babies?

Little Giraffe was founded on the idea that babies deserved the finest, softest fabrics to comfort them. After a few years of exhaustive research, the fabrics were perfected and babies bonded instantly with our luxurious, special blankets. Most of our little fans are very attached to their security blankets and other accessories and can’t connect with anything else! We transition little ones into their big kid beds with Giraffe at Home throws, which are supersized for growing kids!

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I LOVE every day at work. We have an amazing team and it is very rewarding to build and grow a brand with such a dedicated crew of the most wonderful people on earth! My favorite days are when we all get to interact with the babies who love our products… fittings and photoshoots are especially fun because we will have dozens of babies and their parents come in to try out our products or model with them.  Those days are full of joy, and it really doesn’t get better than that!

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

Right now I would have to say “Little G™”, our new, iconic, plush baby giraffe. Creating Little G™ was a personal labor of LOVE for me, and it represents all the soft, cuddly joy that the brand stands for. I am very attached to it. Babies absolutely fall in love with Little G™ at first sight, and that is a dream come true. I am also very connected with my own XL throw in chocolate, which has a permanent place on my king bed!

What sets Little Giraffe apart from other designers in your industry?

I think the fact that our team is so experienced and professional really ups our game. Our Sales Director, Chris Brown, comes from the footwear industry and brings a lot of creativity on the sales side. Our CFO, John Scott, is from the electronics industry, and brings a lot of corporate experience to the table. We have a super talented sales force, publicist, art department, production and customer service team. It takes a village, as I always say, and everyone is committed to the brand and shares the same vision. Little Giraffe is a fun place to be, and that is reflected in everything we do and every product we make.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

We have just launched so many exciting new categories, so Little Giraffe is not just a blanket anymore! We have layette, socks, dreamsacks ™, our beloved Little G™, Warm and Fuzzy™ caps and sweaters, and all kinds of other products meant to delight and inspire babies and parents alike. We have a loyal customer and celebrity following and will always stay true to the brand while we explore all the ways to grow and further serve our customer. Little Giraffe is a lifestyle. Little Giraffe is LOVE™!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food: Nothing beats a bowl of fresh pasta and good glass of red after a long day at work.

Favorite TV Show: I rarely have time to watch TV! I usually have my laptop cracked open till after midnight, answering emails and searching for inspiration for the next day’s work.

Favorite Movie: I am a big movie fan and my husband is in the industry, so we see everything. I think my favorite all-time movie is probably Grand Canyon. I can watch it over and over and it still affects me.

Favorite Weekend Activity: A perfect weekend always involves hiking Runyan Canyon with my husband and daughter, shopping the farmer’s market on Melrose, and cooking up a great candlelight dinner with friends. I travel a lot, so being home is a treat!

Ellen's Mother's Day Giveaway

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her extremely generous and extravagant giveaways on her show. Her Mother’s Day Show Giveaway was no different! She surprised her audience full of first-time moms and moms to be with just about everything they could need for their new additions! From cribs to diaper bags to baby bedding, this giveaway had it all and some of it from some of our favorite designers!

From Oilo, Ellen gave everyone the Modern Berries Three-Piece Crib Set in Spring Green! She also surprised them with Chenille baby blankets from Little Giraffe. These are some of our most popular items and the Mom’s and their babies will definitely enjoy them! If you weren’t lucky enough to make it on Ellen’s giveaway show, you can still find all these gifts and more on!

New Little Giraffe Pillows, Hooded Towels and More!

Little Giraffe is known to be a provider of luxurious blankets and other cuddly items for children. Their products are a combination of downy material and satin accents to both pamper and comfort you and your baby. Celebrities and their kids are huge fans of these cuddly blankets! Suri Cruise and Knox Jolie-Pitt are frequently pictured with their Little Giraffe blankets while travelling with their famous parents.

We’ve recently expanded our Little Giraffe collection by adding hooded towels and pillows in all different shapes, sizes and prints. We love the Luxe Safari Zebra Pillow which combines delicate pastels with a bold zebra print. Pair the pillows with the matching baby blankets and hooded towels with ears to complete the animal print look!

Luxury Nursery Must-Haves

We were so pleased to be featured in the “Maternity Must-Haves” Prepare for Nursery section of Totts Magazine. Totts highlights our Olena Boyko crib & bassinet bedding, shown in the Ashleen Silk Dupioni Bassinet Set. This set looks great when paired with AB Designs picture frames, Little Giraffe’s cozy Luxe Blanket and our Alexandria Rose Strass Crystal Lamp with Scalloped Pink Shade. Also featured in this article is the Cottage Adult Glider in Custom Fabrics by Little Castle.

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