New & Notable Kid’s Room Decor!

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Fresh and fun decor you and your little one are sure to love!

New: Decor from Twelve Timbers


New to is the wide selection of decorative accessories from Twelve Timbers. The décor from Twelve Timbers is perfect for enhancing your nursery, playroom, kid’s room or teen hangout! Offering everything from a glittering chandelier, to vintage corkboards, to clocks with sweet sayings and adorable wall shapes, this collection of unique décor items puts […]

Creative Ways To Personalize Your Child's Room

monogram round rug

A personal touch makes rooms more welcoming. Being able to add a name, monogram, or just having the freedom to customize colors and patterns helps you create a kid’s room that’s special. At Rosenberry Rooms, you can personalize art, lighting, kids’ bedding, crib bedding, rugs, even furniture to reflect the unique personality of your child. […]

Let Art Be Your Inspiration

Frog and Fairy

A post on Erin Gates’ design blog makes an interesting point. It’s just as easy to design a room around a piece of art as it is to shop for art to match the room. I decided to put this idea to work on the Rosenberry Rooms website. I began by shopping for an artwork […]

Animated Animal Decor For Kids

zebra wall letters

What is it about animals? Most of us have a critter (or four), but kids always seem to want more. Why not add some furry love with feisty and fetching animal prints from Rosenberry Rooms? You’ll find everything from peel and stick wall tigers to fuchsia leopard diaper bags! Car Seat Makeovers Does your son’s […]

Amazing Kids Clocks

Tulip Fairy

Just the other day, my four year old asked us if she could have a clock in her room. This really didn’t come as a surprise, since for the past month she has been asking a few times a day what time it is. I decided to start looking at options, since I really don’t […]

A Closer Look at Personalized Growth Charts

When I was born, my Dad likes to say, I was small enough that he could hold me on his arm between his hand and elbow. Well, a number of years (we won’t say how many) have gone by, and that is no longer the case. Nowadays, he can hug me, but he certainly can’t […]

Stunning Color Combinations for Kids' Rooms

Hey Mom and Dad! With changing seasons, everyone likes to spruce things up a little around the house – why not bring your kids in on the action? There are plenty of great color combinations you can rely on to bring a sense of style and fun to your kids’ rooms. Orange and Blue These […]

How to Use Lighting Effectively

Beaded Shade

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to either transform or heighten the look of your room is through making careful decisions about how you incorporate lighting into your home décor. Different kinds of rooms call for different types of lighting – for example, the soft, restful glow of a 60W bulb might […]

Create A French Country Ambiance In Your Child's Room


French Country decor may sound complex, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to design a child’s room. It’s also one of the most popular styles because it’s casual, comfortable, and fashionable. It allows for much variation and encourages mixing and matching. Elements of French Country include vintage detailing, distressed finishes, and rustic designs. […]

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