A Whimsical Fairy Bedroom!

Whimsical fairy bedroom

A little girl’s whimsical fairyland with a lavender and lime color palette!

Girl’s Carnival Bedroom Design Inspiration!

Girls Room with Carnival Theme

A vintage and whimsical Carnival Bedroom Design for a little girl!

Rosenberry Rooms and Make-A-Wish!

Make A Wish - Carmell Princess Bedroom

The Make-a-Wish Foundation granted a wish for a beautiful little girl named Carmell who wanted a Princess Room! Rosenberry Rooms was happy to provide some of the decor, fit for a princess!

Easy Solutions For Fall Decor

beduzzi blanket

As fall kicks in, the focus shifts from outdoor living to spending more time inside. Days get shorter and temps turn chilly. It’s nice to have some warm and welcoming decor to celebrate the season, and there’s no better time to buy it than now! Rosenberry Rooms has a 10% discount on purchases over $350 […]

Animated Animal Decor For Kids

zebra wall letters

What is it about animals? Most of us have a critter (or four), but kids always seem to want more. Why not add some furry love with feisty and fetching animal prints from Rosenberry Rooms? You’ll find everything from peel and stick wall tigers to fuchsia leopard diaper bags! Car Seat Makeovers Does your son’s […]

A Closer Look at Personalized Growth Charts

When I was born, my Dad likes to say, I was small enough that he could hold me on his arm between his hand and elbow. Well, a number of years (we won’t say how many) have gone by, and that is no longer the case. Nowadays, he can hug me, but he certainly can’t […]

Design An Ultra Feminine Girl's Room

Mirror Door Chest

The temptation to overdo it can be powerful when it comes to creating an ultra feminine space for your little princess. This is especially true at Rosenberry Rooms where there are so many ways to fashion a royal boudoir. Fortunately, these furnishings let you pile on the charm and still have it all look elegant. […]

Three Fun Themes for Your Child's Room

We all feel better knowing that there is a special place for us where we belong. Adding a theme to your child’s room can help them identify a special place of their own. Fun themes are important because they make the difference between the place where your kid sleeps and the room that your child […]

Children's Holiday Décor

Holidays are a magical time for children of all ages. From youngest to oldest, there is enjoyment in the hustle and bustle, the special trimmings, the decorations that only come out once every year, and also all the little odds and ends that usher in those special times of the year. Leave it to Rosenberry […]

How to Shop for Children's Bedding

When we are born, our perspective is greatly limited by our minimal experience. Seconds move slower. Images are more powerful to consider. Parents know that every experience felt by a young child has a lasting impact on their entire life. There is no insignificant detail in the lives of our children. While this has obvious […]

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