Designing With Themed Kids' Art

If your child has a passion, it’ll show up in the bedroom – and there’s probably a growing collection of paraphernalia to prove it. Why not support your child’s interest with themed art?

The problem is that it can be challenging to find themed art that’s compatible with existing decor. Let’s say your kid has a modern bedroom with clean, uncluttered lines and bold, dramatic colors. Let’s also say he or she is an aspiring rock musician. How do you find rocker art that’s contemporary and comes in just the right colors?

I decided to investigate this question myself at Rosenberry Rooms. I started with a young girl’s contemporary bedroom like that on the Midtown Day Bed page. I then entered “music art” using the search feature. I quickly found three rocking girl’s artworks to harmonize with the decor. My picks are the Winged Guitar Plaque, the Guitar Girl Canvas, and the Tattoo Guitar Reproduction. I was amazed at how easy it was!

What about a boy’s bedroom? It was just as easy! Using the Kendall Panel Bed as a starting point, I easily located the Rock Band Mural, the Music Graphic Banners, and the Drums Canvas Reproduction. It was a no-brainer. All I had to do was look for colors to match what was already in the rooms!

I found more rocker art by accessing the Kids’ Theme Rooms page. Under the category “Back To Basics,” I found “Music.” Here was additional wall art, along with other inspired furnishings like rugs, toy chests, and clocks. What else would compliment our sample rooms?

For my girl’s bedroom, the Guitar Wall Stickers, Guitar Wall Clock, and When Words Fail Canvas would all enhance the room design and accent the color scheme.

In my boy’s room, the Musical Toy Bench would be a perfect match for the bedding. The Six String Guitar Canvas would also work, as would the bold design of the Play Rug.

The themes page is a decorator’s delight. It has 11 categories covering every imaginable interest from sports and transportation to animals and nature. There are sections for “When I Grow Up” and “Use Your Imagination.” You’ll find educational collections and themes about the beach. There are two additional tabs for colors and patterns of every variety.

With these handy search features, you can avoid trawling through what won’t work and go immediately to what will. The collections on the themes page include wall art in addition to everything else at Rosenberry Rooms that relates to the same theme. You’ll find soccer lighting pendants, jungle crib bedding, surfing step stools,  and mermaid wall clocks — just for starters. With such an extensive selection of themed art, you can indulge your child’s passion without sacrificing room design in the least!

Creative Ways To Personalize Your Child's Room

A personal touch makes rooms more welcoming. Being able to add a name, monogram, or just having the freedom to customize colors and patterns helps you create a kid’s room that’s special. At Rosenberry Rooms, you can personalize art, lighting, kids’ bedding, crib bedding, rugs, even furniture to reflect the unique personality of your child.

Take the Sam Crib – it converts to a toddler bed and features three different finishes. What’s really cool about it is the optional Multi-Panel System that gives you a set of coordinated panels to instantly change up the look. Panels attach magnetically, can be monogrammed, and are a fun way to give a modern nursery different faces.

The Walker Bench is a vintage piece. It offers seating, storage, and comes in ten solid or distressed finishes. With the addition of a monogram and a few snazzy cushions, your child will enjoy a treasure that never loses its antique appeal. It has more personality than a classic toy box and still keeps clutter in its place.

It’s easy to get a custom look in a feminine bedroom with the Doodlefish Ballerina Bedding Set. A dazzle of perfectly synced patterns and colors make sweet music in stripes, solids, and polka dots. Scores of compatible optional window treatments are waiting to fashion a girl’s room that’s yummy as bubble gum and just as sweet.

Want to go all out for your baby boy but still keep things simple? Royal Blue Crib Linens by Olena Boyko come with skirt, sheet, blanket, and bumper plus optional diaper stacker and boudoir pillows. Every item can be monogrammed with one of 15 jazzy fonts.

Spice up your child’s room with personalized rugs. The clever Border Rectangle with Animal Print Monogram comes with so many ways to customize it that no two are probably alike. You get to pick the size, color, border color, font style, and finish everything off with a monogram or initial in leopard or zebra.

Keep your child’s room cozy by night with personalized nightlights like the adorable Lil’ T from Oopsy Daisy. For something more exotic, the Pink and Green Tassel Nightlight can be finished with an initial, monogram, or name.

Perhaps the fastest way to customize a child’s room is with vinyl wall decals that look hand-painted. Each set comes in a variety of sizes and scores of decorator colors. Check out the Adventure Plane or the Delightful Elements. Decals make beautiful wall art and won’t harm paint.

These are just a few of the ways you can get personal at Rosenberry Rooms. Customized chairs, step stools, ottomans, storage bins, and plenty of other pieces are all waiting to make your child’s room decidedly one of a kind.

Easy Solutions For Fall Decor

As fall kicks in, the focus shifts from outdoor living to spending more time inside. Days get shorter and temps turn chilly. It’s nice to have some warm and welcoming decor to celebrate the season, and there’s no better time to buy it than now! Rosenberry Rooms has a 10% discount on purchases over $350 and free shipping on purchases over $99, but only until November 7.

It doesn’t take much to infuse a seasonal spirit in a room. Just a few key pieces can bring the glory of fall color indoors. With the holidays looming, bold, rich autumnal shades add a warm and comforting ambiance to all the festivities.

While browsing the collections at Rosenberry Rooms, I was struck by the panorama of seasonal colors. There’s no need to limit accents to pumpkins and poinsettias when you can choose decor that fanfares fall shades!

I really like the Mossy Oak Peel & Stick Borders because they can be repositioned, removed, reused, and won’t mess with the paint. They’re subtle, pretty, and give any room a designer touch. With a Forest Flowers Rug or a Fall Leaves Rug, your room gets an instant makeover.

Egmont Moss Pillows from Designer’s Guild show off in an explosion of berry, mossy green, brown, and gold, while the velvet fabric is soft and sensual. A few of these will bring a cheery glow to any room. Antique copper always makes me think of fall, and the Peace & Love Wall Clock in burnished brown and gold will celebrate the harvest season in any kitchen.

Fall is all about football, at least for the guys, and the American Football Wall Clock is sure to score a few points with players everywhere. Delight your little boy with the Vintage Sports Growth Chart. A perfect fall bedroom accent, this vintage wall art can be personalized with a name and comes in a spray of fall colors that capture the thrill of the play.

As the weather turns brisk, there’s nothing more appealing than a soft and cuddly throw. The Barcino Cinnamon Blanket from Designer’s Guild in vivid orange, green, and brown makes warming up a reach away. A Central Park Blanket in pink and gray lambswool is another cozy option, especially in a girl’s bedroom. Blankets and throws are a ridiculously easy way to change up a room.

Speaking of cozy, catching a few winks in crisp weather is more fun for little ones with Napmink Nap Mats in plush, cuddly fabric. This clever accessory is a padded mat, pillow, and blanket all in one and includes a convenient compact tote. The Rock Heiress comes in winter-cool shades of navy and pink, while the boyish Rockin’ Out is a mix of cool-toned navy, black, and white.

Here’s another goodie for you. Napmink Mats by Cavichi are currently on sale for almost 60% off! Originally $189, they’re selling like hotcakes for only $69.00. Get one for your toddler and grab a few for gifts. With the Rosenberry Rooms Fall Discount Code, you can update your decor and save money doing it!


Fine Art Wall Stickers: New From Oopsy Daisy!

Oopsy Daisy Artwork at Rosenberry Rooms has delighted kids and parents with wonderful wall art from some of the world’s most talented designers. Now the company has introduced a new product that’s more fun than coloring on the walls! Say hello to Oopsy Daisy Peel & Place Wall Stickers that go way beyond the ordinary! Each set features the work of a different artist, making it easy to find stickers that resonate with your child.

The coolest thing about these stickers is that they’re durable. They can be rearranged without wearing out or losing their grip. They’re the kind of artwork kids love most: the interactive kind! Better still, they won’t leave a sticky mess on the wall, and they’re easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Because each set comes with an alphabet and numbers, the designs can be customized to express a child’s personality. All sets include a personal biography so you and your kids can learn what inspired the artist to create the work.

Many sets are as educational as they are visual. Your youngster will definitely learn some geography with the License Map Stickers!  You can also choose a set with a message. Noah’s Ark Stickers have a Biblical theme that’s easy for young minds to assimilate, and the animal art is frosting on the cake. Speaking of animals, On The Farm has plenty of them and, for city kids, they paint an interesting picture of rural living.

Do girls just want to have fun? Most do, and Let’s Dance is sure to be a hit with budding dance divas! Travel is adventurous fun and Exotic Kingdom Stickers will take your daughter straight to the Orient without the bother of packing a bag or booking a flight.

My personal favorite is the Retro Rocket Set. Besides being vibrantly alive, it somehow seems more dimensional than canvas art. Another cool thing is that it’s so large, it’s almost a mural. With these galactic stickers, you may not need much of anything else on the walls.

Because Oopsy Daisy Peel & Paste Stickers won’t harm your walls, they can add to the excitement of seasonal festivities. Celebrate October with the Happy Halloween Set. It’ll be as much fun as trick or treat and it won’t cause tooth decay. Kids will love the Happy Holidays Set. Finally! A personal holiday tree for a child’s bedroom! Even better, the tree can be decorated exactly according to a toddler’s preferences. Add some presents underneath, and it’s Christmas in the bedroom.

Speaking of the holidays, wall sticker sets from Oopsy Daisy make fabulous presents. They’re packed in a pretty green gift box and ready to make someone happy. Part of the company’s philosophy is giving. Every year, they donate a portion of their sales to children’s charities.

Creating personalized art with these unique stickers is a fun project for parents to share with kids. Let a set of Oopsy Daily Peel & Paste Stickers from Rosenberry Rooms be your secret weapon to chase away the blues on the next glum and rainy day!


Let Art Be Your Inspiration

A post on Erin Gates’ design blog makes an interesting point. It’s just as easy to design a room around a piece of art as it is to shop for art to match the room.

I decided to put this idea to work on the Rosenberry Rooms website. I began by shopping for an artwork I loved which would then become the inspiration for my room. I was immediately rewarded by a pair of stunning wall murals in which this concept was already (and quite beautifully) illustrated. The Kingdom Wall Mural is the focal point of a perfectly balanced boy’s nursery. A chocolate crib, sky blue crib bedding, and white-with-chocolate bed crown draped in sky blue fabric all frame the mural in princely splendor. This room makes quite a splash! A girl’s nursery, designed around the Toile Nursery Mural, is just as amazing. The palest peachy pink crib bedding partners elegantly with rich espresso crib, armoire, and dresser. A nursery glider, peach accented rug, beige lighting, and boudoir pillow complete an interior that’s truly world class.

Now, the litmus test of this experiment was whether I could find an individual piece of artwork that I loved and design a nursery around it myself! For a girl’s nursery, I chose the Frog and Fairy Vintage Artwork because it’s other-worldly and I like the aura of enchantment. The rich shades of green, gold, rose, and brown are lovely. Would Rosenberry Rooms have what I needed to make it work? I found the Opulence Iron Crib in gold and the ruffly Nicole Crib Bedding in pale peach to be just right. The Bernadini Moss Rug would set off the greens in the canvas, while the Iron Changing Table in gold would compliment the bed. The Gabby Pendant in Chartreuse would provide overhead lighting, while a pair of Gold Leaf Wrought Iron Sconces would give the room a magical glow.

What about a boy’s nursery? I like the Toile Boy Gone Fishing Canvas because it’s gentle, boyish, and the ivory and sky blue colors are serene. The Stationary Sleigh Crib in Natural, along with the Joshua Armoire, also in Natural, compliment the canvas perfectly. The Toile in Blue Crib Linens look like they were designed to match the canvas.The Monterey Dresser would serve as a changing table and, in Distressed White, adds a sprinkle of mix and match to the design. I chose the Vintage Floor Lamp in blue for accent lighting, together with the Jack Shaded Chandelier. It normally sells for $542, but it’s currently on sale for $406.50! The Serengeti Ice Zebra Rug is just perfect for the floor.

Starting with an artwork you love and using it to anchor everything else is a very clever idea. Too often we find ourselves searching for wall art or decor to match a predetermined room. The results can be less than spectacular. But the best thing about “working backwards” is that it helped me to focus on the bigger picture. Rosenberry Rooms’ second-to-none selection helps. This process would be much more difficult if I had to go from one website to another. Happy decorating!


Animated Animal Decor For Kids

What is it about animals? Most of us have a critter (or four), but kids always seem to want more. Why not add some furry love with feisty and fetching animal prints from Rosenberry Rooms? You’ll find everything from peel and stick wall tigers to fuchsia leopard diaper bags!

Car Seat Makeovers
Does your son’s car seat need refreshing? The Zebra Car Seat Cover has a casual, sporty look in relaxed blue denim. For the toddler with a wild side a good choice would be the Funky Zebra Cover! It even comes with optional puddle pad and other extras!

Wild Gift Ideas
The holidays are right around the corner. Do you have a small child on your gift list? The Zebra Ruffle Blanket will be an immediate hit. Arty and stylish, it’ll make history of a tired, shredded blankie that’s finally been outgrown.

Little Rebel Burpies also make a great gift. Three supercharged burp cloths show off an animal print, colorful tattoo art, and blazing flames. This set makes burp time downright exciting!

Too cute to pass up, the Safari Zebra Tooth Fairy Pillow definitely makes up for missing teeth! The plush, pink and black zebra motif has a special pocket to safely stash lost teeth. In the morning, there’s money!

Gentle Creature Wall Art
Enhance a peaceful nursery with serene animal wall art. Our Pink Zebra Canvas quotes Socrates’ “Wisdom Begins In Wonder” in the softest and prettiest of ways. The Wild Safari Wall Hanging is gentle with sweet creatures in soothing colors. It makes a tender appearance, especially when personalized with a name.

Snazzy Animal Floors
Animal prints are a great way to jazz up floors. Treat baby to a plush play mat with the CoziCover in Giraffe. Together with matching baby SoftSpot, it’s as decorative as a rug, and the dense brown and yellow design makes a beautiful frame for a child.

Say “so what” to messes with the Pink Rose Spill Mat. It’s a lovely way to keep spills from spoiling the day! Looking for a boy-friendly rug with a rough-and-tumble spirit? The laid-back Zebra Rug makes a stylish presentation in deep, rich purple, and the nifty design is a perfect foil for occasional muddy footprints.

Leopard Girls’ Bedding
Three cheers for Mother Nature! The girls’ Funky Monkey Bedding Collection sports a warm, leopard print, and that’s just the beginning! Flowers, monkeys, ruffles, and oodles of optional pieces let you take this vivacious decor as far as you want it to go.

Exotic Cheetah Lighting
Animal prints go full tilt n the striking Wild Thing Chandelier! The cheetah print will have your daughter dreaming of Parisian shoes and upscale couture. Pair it with the Cheetah Smooch Canvas for flirty attitude par excellence.

The next time your daughter brings home a stray kitty, suggest that an Animal Print Pettiskirt might be just as nice, and it won’t require feeding! Rosenberry Rooms understands that yet another pet might be unmanageable, but no worries! We have scads of animal print decor that’s as lovable as the real thing.


A Closer Look at Personalized Growth Charts

When I was born, my Dad likes to say, I was small enough that he could hold me on his arm between his hand and elbow. Well, a number of years (we won’t say how many) have gone by, and that is no longer the case. Nowadays, he can hug me, but he certainly can’t pick me up – and definitely not on one arm! When you think about the way your children grow up over the years, having a record of the interim times – particularly the younger years – can help provide a much-loved and treasured visual demonstration of just how far your little one has come. Finding a personalized growth chart that you can use to track the inches as your child grows not only gives you a quantifiable account of their growth, but it lets your children feel accomplished and special as they grow up!

Here at Rosenberry Rooms, there are over a hundred options for personalized growth charts for your home and child. You can opt for animal-theme looks like the Sweet Bunny Growth Chart, the Pink Monkeying Around Growth Chart and the Gillespie Giraffe Growth Charts in both Pink and blue. Little boys will find the Vintage Sports Growth Chart to be a great way of connecting with their interests in sports and sports teams, while those who are interested in transportation will find the Trains, Planes and Trucks Growth Chart to be more inspirational. For girls, the Afternoon Gossip in Pink and Green Growth Chart makes use of bright colors to paint an image of your daughter’s growth over her childhood years.

Beyond those very creative pieces of art, there are some other options that stand out to me because they are definitely unique. One example is the Surf Board Growth Chart by ecotots which is Earth-friendly and can double as a coat rack when rotated! Another example is the Tree Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal by Petit Collage. The benefits of this one? It is removable and reusable so it can travel from room to room or house to house if needed, while offering a truly whimsical and fun piece of visual art on the wall!

Aside from letting you keep track of how long it takes your child to achieve a certain height, what are the other reasons it’s nice to keep a growth chart for each of your children? The best part, as I see it, is that with a personalized growth chart you’re able to take your measurements with you wherever you go. When I was young, my mom had my brother, sister and I stand in front of a door frame to chart our growth; this was all well and good until we moved to a new house, when I was about twelve. My sister was still young enough that her growth chart could start over again in the new place, but for my brother and I, those dramatic leaps in height that make up so much of a child’s early years were forever lost.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your child – pick out a personalized growth chart that will be a stylish and special reminder treasured for many years!


How to Use Lighting Effectively

Moroccan Pink Pendant

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to either transform or heighten the look of your room is through making careful decisions about how you incorporate lighting into your home décor. Different kinds of rooms call for different types of lighting – for example, the soft, restful glow of a 60W bulb might be perfect for the bedroom or nursery, but in the bathroom you want a bright, clear view of yourself that makes daylight-level lights & lights with multiple options in terms of wattage desirable. Aside from the quality of the light itself, the appearance of a lighting fixture can have an effect on the style of the room.

Children’s rooms need several different types of lights in order to cater to each of a child’s different needs. During the daytime, you’re likely to want an overhead light – perhaps set into one of our ceiling fixtures, or combined with a ceiling fan. These lights offer great visibility from a single light source, while fans can help cut down on the cost of air conditioning a room in the summertime. In the evening, as you help coax your child to sleep, a floor or table lamp can help bring light – and energy – levels lower. Either of these can be decorated by a number of shades, which can be great money savers if you just need to redo a few old lamp bases.

Black Flounce Shade

Once your child is ready for bed, you can look to some of the adorable night lights available at Rosenberry Rooms, finding adorable designs like the Frog Friends Nightlight or a Jellybean Tree Nightlight. These cute, creative nightlights cast a warm and cheerful glow over your child’s room at night, chasing away nightmares and helping your child ease off into their nightly slumber.

On The Road Again Lamp

Children’s rooms aren’t the only ones that can be transformed through light! One of the most popular places for hanging ceiling fixtures is in the dining room, where children and adults alike can admire an ornate piece as it hangs above. Look for fun pieces like the Posey Teapot Five Arm Chandelier or the Cole Double Drum Pendant Chandelier if you’re looking to decorate a more public space in the house, while a child’s playroom can be dressed up with the Clouds Overhead Light Fixture, which also goes great in a newborn’s nursery.

Although it may seem like an afterthought, including a well-designed and carefully-chosen ceiling medallion in your plans when you add new light fixtures to your rooms can help make a bare bulb look like it’s been there forever. Call on our Floral Wreath Ceiling Medallion in White, the Pink Rose Jeweled Ceiling Medallion, the more traditional Large Lauderdale Ceiling Medallion in White and many other possible selections. Each ceiling medallion displays a subtle difference from the next, allowing you to customize and change this aspect of your room’s lighting and home décor!


Trends In Kids’ Decor For 2010

There’s a good chance your kids are already asking for some of the must-have items highlighted in Trend Bible’s recent article, “Overview of Kids Lifestyle Trends for 2010“. Children’s gear this year is all about four interrelated themes: vintage florals, outdoor adventures, spooky and fantastic surrealism, and futuristic play. Rosenberry Rooms has it all covered. Here’s a sampler of what’s red hot right now in kids’ decor…

Vintage Tea Party

floral memo boardTrend Bible tells us that vintage is in this season – everything from fabrics to furniture. Garden tea parties, floral motifs, picnic themes, all in muted pastels, turn up everywhere. The Floral Memo Board captures the spirit effortlessly with antique frame, floral fabric background, rickrack detailing, and tiny cameo accents.

The Teapot Table Lamp would make an adorable accent piece in a nursery or toddler’s room, while the pretty Tea Set in floral pastels and polka dots lets your little girl host real (or imaginary!) soirees in gracious style. To inspire her, The Fairy Tea Party Vintage Artwork displays a fairy’s garden tea party drenched in mythical charm.

Adventure PlaygroCXL Ranger Camo Fanund

Bring on the camo gear! Along with woodsy animals, recycled and organic materials, and jungle creatures, the great outdoors has become a very popular trend. The Toile Girl Pulling Wagon Canvas features almost exactly the same lime and creme palette featured in the Trend Bible article.

Start baby’s life on an adventurous course with the Big Dreamzzz Baby Camo Layette Set. You’ll also find baby gear from diaper bags to car seat covers in camo prints. If you’re looking for a trendy and functional ceiling fan, the CXL Ranger Camouflage Fan will furnish a refreshing breeze in any young sportsman’s personal space.

elephant mirror


Mirrored and metallic surfaces, spooky themes, unicorns, owls and fantastic accents make up Trend Bible’s third style element.

The unusual Elephant Acrylic Mirror will compliment any contemporary nursery while making a statement all it’s own. Fashionable moms can look as fetching as newborns when sporting the chic and shiny Dante Beatrix Silver Peace Tote. The haunting and mystical Own Making Canvas is as lovely as it is true, while the Whoo Whoo Whoo Canvas stars an eerie sorcerer owl.

Superhero Lunchbox

Future Play
Graphic designs are a strong trend in 2010, especially in the Future Play theme. Elements are rich in 60′s pop art, synthetic materials, cartoon characters, and superheroes. Present any little boy with the Superhero Personalized Lunchbox and he’ll feel like a superstar in his own right.

Surprise your young explorer with the stylized Retro Rocket Canvas and his imagination will take off into other dimensions. Go all out with the Star Trek Enterprise Wall Mural and transform your little boy’s room into his own personal spaceship.

All the hottest trends find expression at Rosenberry Rooms in everything from garden-fresh girls’ bedding sets to luxurious organic baby clothes. Choose a few strategic pieces to tweak your child’s existing decor or catch Trend Bible fever and dress up an entire kids room in all the latest looks. A mind-boggling inventory makes it child’s play to stay on top of your decorating game. The only question is: “What won’t you find?!”


Basic Must-Have Décor Pieces

Juggling all of the variables that go together when designing the look of a room can challenge even the most enthusiastic shcarolineopper, particularly because there are so many items needed to pull together a memorable personal space. By looking after the individual elements in a room’s design, and discerning the function of each piece, it becomes possible to break this effort down into achievable steps. What do you think of when you think about decorating a room? Does your attention drift naturally to furniture, art, rugs, lighting, bedding, or accessories? All these elements need to be aligned with one another in order to complete a room’s design. But how do they all fit together?

Any room begins as a blank slate, and furniture is one of the best indicators for the purpose of the room – as well as the objects that make a room a pleasure to use. Think about it: the furniture you’d purchase for a bedroom is different from what you’d need for a rec room or family room, because each room is used for a different purpose. By choosing memorable and delightful furniture pieces, you can make each room and its purpose well-defined – and designed!

mini damask rugRugs serve two purposes in a room, fulfilling obligations of function (softening the floor and helping to insulate the room) and form (being objects of beauty that help set the emotional tone of a space). In children’s rooms, light patterns with playful imagery like in the Blue Night Sky Rug can put your child at ease both when they’re on their own, and at bedtimes. Both solid colored rugs and rugs with patterns can add an air of calm to a bathroom or playroom. Artwork, which can be created from posters, photographs, prints, and even wall hangings can be used to help liven up broad expanses of empty wall, and also provide opportunities for you to show guests your kids’ interests and tastes.mocha wall sconce

Specific types of rooms have specific requirements, as indicated in the discussion of furniture, above. For bedrooms, bedding is an essential element of the furnishings which can have a direct effect on how the room feels and even how it is used. When designing a room for your children, deciding whether to use a single bed or a bunk/guest bed can make a big difference on the styles and patterns you choose.

In any kind of room, the finishing touches are lighting pieces and accessories. These can include floor lamps, wall sconces, as well as other types of lighting. Each light fixture can change the appearance of a room through the use of shadows and colors, so picking a lighting fixture that matches your intentions can help change your room’s look dramatically. Accessories, meanwhile, can provide useful functions while adding to the rooms decor. From the trash can you use to keep things tidy to the eye-catching mirror, each plays a specific roll in the overall feel of the finished room.

By looking at these elements individually when first putting together a room from scratch, creating a well-designed room becomes an easy task to complete!


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