Spring-Fresh Ways To Organize Your Child's Space

Caroline Bookcase

There’s something about spring that makes us want to clear out what’s old and make way for what’s new. Maybe that’s where “spring cleaning” came from. There’s also a desire to make the indoors feel as fresh and inviting as the outdoors. Children’s rooms can be a challenge to organize because kids collect stuff, especially […]

Great Book Holders for Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, I have started to pay closer attention on a day to day basis for things that my girls could use to better keep their things easily accessible. Tonight, while we had reading time with them, I took a long, hard look at their books that were piled haphazardly and disorganized […]

Custom Wood Furniture: Relics


In the world of quick and easy which we live in, many of us can get discouraged and disheartened with the overall lack of quality we find in the things we buy. I think this is true especially of large purchases like furniture. Let’s be honest, furniture is not cheap, even if you get a […]

Stray Dog Designs – A Must Have

I have to say that when I enter a room and see at least one amazing, stand-out, unique piece of décor, it truly transforms the entire house into an exciting, think outside the box kind of place. When I talk about unique décor, there is one designer in particular that I think of, and absolutely […]

Making the Baby Checklist

You know you have a baby on the way, it suddenly seems as if everyone you know is your best friend and has tons of advice to give – from the BEST burp cloths to which diapers NEVER leak, to what you absolutely CANNOT live without (like a wipes warmer…which you CAN live without!) Amidst […]

myHaven Daybed by Young America by Stanley

myHaven Daybed by Young America by Stanley My chosen special feature this week is this beautiful daybed by Young America by Stanley. I am looking forward to a long beach vacation with my family and this daybed would be the perfect addition to our beach house. Available in a wide variety of luxurious colors from […]

Through the Celebrities Eyes

As the summer months begin to heat up, the buzz for a style revival is in the air. People are updating their lifestyles, wardrobes, home furnishings, and more. For all those moms and moms-to-be, Rosenberry Rooms has everything needed to give you and your little one a fresh start to the season. With our huge […]

Update Your Child’s Room for Summer

Over the weekend, my husband and I were outside with the girls, trying to stay cool with a couple of beers when we acknowledged that summer is indeed upon us. The mornings are no longer cool and breezy and you can’t even think of stepping outside without sunscreen or you will be well on your […]

Fun, Earth-Friendly, & Hip Playroom Furnishings

Having recently celebrated Earth Day, I wanted to focus on a great kids’ product line that gives you all the pieces needed to create an earth friendly and oh so hip playroom for your kids. When I first saw ecotots’ art easel I was actually jealous that I was no longer a kid…then I took […]

The Best Gift I ever Gave My Baby and Myself

The Best Gift you can give Your Baby at his Birth When my son was born 10 years ago, somebody mentioned to me that I should write down everything about his birth so that I would always remember. At first, I thought that was ridiculous – I would ALWAYS remember every detail of his birth. […]

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