Meet Leila of Lolli Living!

Lolli Living is one of the newest baby and kids’ bedding brands added to! Designer Leila Nathan strives to create whimsical and eclectic nursery separates that allow parents to mix and match pieces to create a special nursery as unique as their little one. All Lolli Living bedding is made from 100% cotton making it easy to care for and ideal for busy moms and dads! Today we are going behind the scenes with Leila as she tells us a little more about this darling collection of children’s bedding and what makes Lolli Living stand out from the rest.


Leila Nathan of Lolli LivingHow would you define the Lolli Living style philosophy?

The Lolli Living brand philosophy is to give parents the tools to create an inspired nursery with a unique and eclectic feel. By layering our mix & match bedding pieces, parents can customize their baby’s room to reflect their own personal style. The textiles we have created are home decor inspired with a whimsical twist and we approach each design with a high level of attention to detail. The outcome is a very special, ‘home-spun’ kind of feel apparent in each design throughout the collection. In addition, our products are made from 100% cotton and come packaged in either recyclable or reusable packaging as we strive to become a more sustainable company.

Animal Tree Collection by Lolli Living

What inspired you to become a designer?

Growing up in a small town in Northern California, it never really occurred to me that becoming a designer was even a possibility.  Although, I was always creating something – either drawing, painting, writing or sewing. It wasn’t until I came across the Fashion Institute located in Downtown LA that I realized I could make a profession out of being creative. After I realized that, the decision was made!

Why did you choose to design children’s bedding and decor?

I initially started as a Design Assistant for an apparel company in LA but I always knew that I wanted to work on something that was more hands on and with more of a variety of products. From there I sort of fell into the baby industry and soon realized it was the perfect fit for me. I love being able to design a wide range of products from bedding, to plush toys, to lamps & room decor that all work back to the nursery. It’s a bonus to think that these products truly make people happy and that it’s one of the most joyous purchases a young couple makes!

Whimsy Tigerlily Bedding by Lolli Living

Robot Bedding by Lolli Living

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I love coming up with the initial concept and the overall design process…but I have to say the most rewarding part of my job is, after months of development, finally seeing product reach the end consumer looking just as good as I first imagined it!

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

My favorite piece from the Lolli Living collection (right now) is the Owl Play Mat. I have a 7 month old daughter and it’s perfect for diaper changes on the floor (which is what we’ve resorted to since she doesn’t want to sit still anymore:).  I also love the canvas art – it’s not too baby so I can keep it in her room for years to come!

Lolli Living Owl Play Mat

Poppy Seed Collection Lolli Living

What sets Lolli Living apart from others designers in your industry?

Lolli Living is really the only brand on the market offering designer mix & match bedding with unique textile designs and contemporary room decor & accessories. Our fabrics are made from 100% cotton, which is also rare in the baby bedding industry these days, and our packaging is sustainable.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

Lolli Living is a lifestyle brand. We not only design and manufacture fabulous nursery decor and baby products, we also offer prenatal yoga and baby nutrition classes at our head office located in Irvine, California. We really love giving back to the community and providing the tools to create a ‘happy & healthy family.’

Lolli Living

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food – Greek – hummus, pita, olives (yum:)

Favorite TV Show – Mad Men – I love the mid-century modern clothes and set!

Favorite Movie – Baby Mozart, Baby Einstein is my 7 month old daughter’s favorite movie right now – and for that same reason it’s mine, too! It allows me just enough time to pick up the house and make breakfast

Favorite Weekend Activity – My husband surfs so we love going to the beach (with the baby now)

Favorite Band – Phoenix

Meet Brittany Hayes, Creator of our Newest Designer Bedding Collection!

We are so thrilled about the newest line of designer bedding recently added to! Your daughter’s bedroom will be transformed into a whimsical wonderland when you choose this unique girl’s bedding from talented designer, Brittany Hayes. Each of her collections combine unexpected colors, patterns and textures to create a one-of-a-kind look for the bedding in your daughter’s bedroom. This line is impeccably well made and was even chosen by interior designers Little Crown Interiors for the room makeover that was featured on The Doctors! Check out our interview with Brittany below as well as all of her amazing designs on!

How would you define your company’s style philosophy?  

Our style philosophy is based on creating an enchanting space with timeless charm that every little girl will love from the age of two to eighteen.  Our goal is to continuously try to push the boundaries of layering unique color combinations with bold patterns and original design details.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business? 

What began as a possible future in fashion design quickly changed to interior design after I completed one quarter at a fashion school in Atlanta.  I toured their interior design gallery and realized instantly that my passion for design was more for interiors than clothing.  I transferred back to the University of Georgia and completed classes to fulfill my portfolio for their residential design program.  During my two years in their design program, I started a small drapery workroom out of my house to pay my way through school and fell in love with textiles, sewing and creating new designs.

Why did you choose to design children’s bedding and décor?

After my sweet little girl climbed out of her crib at 23 months old, I started my search for unique and whimsical “big girl” bedding.  Although I found numerous options I loved for her nursery, I was surprised at how limited I felt the options were for ages two and up.  I became inspired to create a magical space that matched her personality and was unique to anything I had found.  After completing my first set of samples, I was overwhelmed with the positive response from family and close friends.  My sketchbook was full in no time and I found myself dreaming up new designs and completed collections every free moment I had.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding? 

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin!  I simply love to design.  I love to sketch…  I love to see my creations in the workroom… I love to create new color palettes and find inspirations for new collections…  I love to see my ideas coming to life and of course my absolute favorite would be seeing the completed rooms for our photo shoots.  I really do love it all.  What makes my day most though is the wonderful feedback I receive from customers, future customers and those just inspired by my designs.

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be? 

One of my favorite pieces is our bolster pillows.  I feel like they are a work of art on their own and add the perfect touch of whimsy to even the simplest bed linens.  Some of my collections started with my vision of a precious, girlie bolster design.

What sets you apart from other designers in your industry? 

I think I will step lightly on this question because there are so many amazingly talented designers in the industry and I am honored to even be considered among some of them.  In my early days of design, I found that my clients seemed to all have trouble visualizing my designs.  When I started my bedding company, I decided to give my clients the complete picture with fully furnished and accessorized rooms with each bedding collection.  I feel like each room is unique and beautifully designed and truly represents who I am as a designer.

Do you have any advice for other working moms? 

My advice would be to simply go for it.  I had a vision and a couple of design ideas and just decided that the sky was the limit.  I knew I was competing with children’s bedding companies that have been around for decades, but I also knew that I would be a better and more fulfilled mother if I pursued my dream.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line? 

Our newest collection was just introduced in March.  This collection combines our love for bright colors with some darker, more subdued tones that you would not necessarily associate with a little girl’s room.  Overall it is enchanting, sophisticated and of course contains our signature touch of whimsy.

You may recognize this bedding from the room that was featured on The Doctors TV show last week! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food - Avocados

Favorite TV Show - Project Runway

Favorite Movie - The Twilight Series

Favorite Weekend Activity - Having no plans and being able to rest and relax!

Favorite Band/Singer - Keith Urban (Okay, I have to put this out there JUST in case someone sees it…  My ultimate goal would be to design one of his daughter’s rooms J )

Meet Elisha Bailez of Peek a Boo Rooms!

Inspired by her three young children, Elisha Bailez started the company Peek a Book Rooms and began creating imaginative, luxury bedding and artwork that are admired by both children and parents alike. Whether you want a complete designer nursery, an adorable kid’s gift, or a child’s bedroom makeover, this custom-designed collection allows you to create a unique look for your little one. Elisha has created adorable characters from Hi Flyin’ Monkeys to Ballerina Bunnies that are sure to come alive in your child’s room and make them feel surrounded by friends and fun! I had the pleasure of meeting Elisha at last year’s ABC Kids Expo and it’s so inspiring to see how passionate she is about her work. The interview below reveals the same, so I invite you to meet Elisha and check out some of her beautiful designs!

How would you define the Peek-a-Boo Rooms style philosophy?  

My company philosophy is Mommies making beautiful products for other Mommies. There are 7 Mommy artisans & professionals that work to make up a Peek a Boo Room:  Elisha (artist), Maria (cut & sew workroom), Mary Scott & Catrice & Maria (embroidery), Suzi Q (canvas printing & fab), and Diana (accountant & genius).  I am a huge believer in the Toyota Lean style business. The entire process for the business takes place in Atlanta. Every detail, from the design, materials used, packaging, and on time delivery represents our top-notch quality. Always!

What inspired you to become an artist and start a business? 

I grew up with art. My Mom is and artist and we always had a studio in the home. She had her big wood easel and canvases all over the place. She kept a little easel next to hers with a jar of sour candy balls. After having my own children, it seemed natural to start painting and set up a studio. I have my own big wooden easel and my Mom bought the little one for my “little ones”; it was natural.

Why did you choose to create children’s art and room decor?

I have three children (3yr, 5yr, and 7yr) and my art moved from figures and landscapes to storybook murals. Murals on their walls, churches walls, schools walls….I eventually ran out of walls so canvas was the next step. All the paintings come from a story I have made up for my children: Monkey’s flying airplanes, Shy little Lambs, and Little Buddy the boy’s best friend.  From the art comes the inspiration for embroidery, color, texture, and design.  It unfolds easily to make a whole room that has both art and practical function.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Inviting my children into the world of art on a daily basis is such a rewarding  gift!

How do you balance being a mother and an artist? Do you have any tips for other moms wanting to start their own business?

OK, so we all know…it’s all about the kids but to find time for yourself and your interest with little ones around is a challenge that can be done.  Having boundaries works well for me; I have set times that are for the kids (like after school homework & fun Fridays) and set times that are for me (Peek a Boo Rooms, Wine with friends, etc.). And I have to schedule it or it won’t happen, one will gobble up the other.

Starting a business is easy, keeping it is tough.  If you’re tough, go for it!

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

Beach Baby on the Seashore large landscape. It was my first one for Peek a Boo Rooms and takes me back to the beginning days of the business. It also is a painting from a difficult time in my life when I was trying to get pregnant. I took many trips to the beach; which is my healing place. I’m a cancer birthday, my mother is a cancer, and my first born child is a cancer.

What sets Peek-a-Boo Rooms apart from other designers in your industry?

As artists, we all have a particular style of art. My style is very easy to see. The soft colors, storybook compositions, and sweet little animals are certainly a standout. I make the art the center of the design, from there I pull my colors from my pallet and search for textiles.  The final step is pulling the shapes & patterns in final room design. I think that is unique process and creates a design that is equally unique.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

It has been a very busy and “fast out of the gate” 2012!  I have  3 new designs coming out in the Spring at Rosenberry Rooms. First, is Little Dreamer:  a sleepy owl who just can’t seem to stay awake. Next, is So Coco:  a black beauty who stands out in a sea of pink.  And then there is, The Boys are Back in Town:  a tribute to my two sons who love the classic Thin Lizzy rock song and love to dance and air guitar when it’s on.  And what a sight that is ;)

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food – Grilled shrimp tacos & a margarita, yum!

Favorite TV Show – Dr Oz, a bit obsessed really, I DVR all the shows

Favorite Movie – Who has time for a movie?

Favorite Weekend Activity – Hiking with the kids and some occasional trail running

Favorite Band – Kings of Leon

New Bedding from Pine Cone Hill!

For a refreshing take on children’s and teen’s bedding, check out the new styles from Pine Cone Hill. The vibrant colors, unexpected pattern combinations and versatile styling make this collection perfect for all design aesthetics. Choose from a variety quilts, duvet covers, shams and bed skirts that are meant to be mix and matched to allow you to create a look that is all your own. Even better, let your child or teenager pick out their favorite color combination from options like the Scramble Aqua, the Uma Resist Indigo or even the Classic Ruffle Pale Rose.

I remember when I turned 13 and was able to redecorate my room. Picking out the bedding was definitely my favorite part and bright colors were all the rage for my teenage years. I wanted it to be bright pink, bright orange and floral (sounds scary right?). Well Pine Cone Hill has a way of satisfying your child’s need for color and we’ll call it “effervescence”, while allowing you to keep a clean and sophisticated style in your home. Not to mention, all of the bedding is 100% cotton and guaranteed to make for a cozy night’s sleep. Check out all of the gorgeous bedding options from Pine Cone Hill at

The Great Outdoors Kids Room

Bring the trees, animals and adventure into your child’s room by creating a Great Outdoors theme! Here are a few tips on how to create a natural woodland environment indoors.

Children’s Bedding – To start, I love our very popular George Bedding Collection by Serena & Lily. The George Duvet features slate seersucker with goldenrod piping that will work well for a child at any age. Also, this classic bedding is perfect if you want to accessorize the room with animal decor, natural woodland decor, or a mix of both!

Furniture – This bedding looks great with our Treasure Collection of kids furniture by AP Industries. The Treasure Collection is made of solid birch and comes in the finish of your choice! For a real outdoors feel I would suggest the amaretto or camel finish. My favorite piece in the collection is the Treasure Bookcase Headboard Bed. This bed combines comfort and versatility so your child can sleep well and stay organized. The bookcase headboard is a great storage addition without taking up too much space so your child can have enough room to relax and play.

Decor and Lighting – For a younger child I would suggest going with more playful colors and friendly animal prints. For example, the Friendly Forest growth chart by Oopsy Daisy is a great addition to an outdoor-themed room and makes tracking your child’s growth a fun activity for both parent and child. Oopsy Daisy has many other examples of nature-themed prints, such as the Ants Canvas Reproduction and the Tree Buddies Canvas. For a tween or teen, I would go with a more natural environment with a modern twist. For example, accent with Silver Numbers Wooden Wall Clock and our Modern Organics Three Light Pendant with Bamboo Stem Material in Polished Chrome. My favorite accent for this room would have to be the Stump Accent Table or Stool by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs. This piece is great as a bedside table or to use as extra seating and looks as if it came right out of the forest!

Playtime – Entertain your children for hours by adding the Great Plains Teepee to their room. These teepees are made from genuine canvas and are paintable, perfect for your little artist or adventure-seeker. Your child’s great outdoors themed room isn’t complete without animals! McNuttie the Squirrel from BlaBla makes for an excellent playmate and snuggle buddy.

Planes, Trains and “Tucks”: Designing a Transportation Themed Room

I recently spent time with a friend who has an energetic and curious two and a half year old named Finn. As I entered Finn’s playroom, formerly his parent’s basement, I noticed everything was trucks, trains, or cars. My friend told me that when he was younger, anytime she and Finn were in the car he was always memorized when a truck would drive by. She would say to him, “that’s a truck” and after saying it hundreds of times Finn’s favorite word when he started talking was, “tuck”. So as I was playing with the train set with Finn he would constantly stop to point to the cement mixer and oil tanker toys on the train set mat and yell, “tuck, tuck”. I gathered from that experience and from my friend’s story that Finn loves trucks! The visit with Finn inspired me to write about designing a bedroom or playroom for boys who love all things transportation. Planes, trains, trucks and cars present a fun theme that will captivate your little boy’s interests and enhance his growing imagination. Here are some ideas for designing a transportation themed bedroom or playroom.

DwellStudio’s Modern Transportation Bedroom: At Rosenberry Rooms we all have a great appreciation for DwellStudio because of their modern designs and bright colors! The Transportation Duvet Bedding Set by DwellStudio features retro silhouettes of trains, planes, blimps, bikes and other modes of transportation. The great part about DwellStudio is in addition to children’s bedding they have kids furniture, wall art, toys, kids rugs and storage options that come in the transportation pattern. Your entire nursery or bedroom can be completely Dwell! I also love Dwell Studio’s Orange Bus Bookshelf. This bright orange bookshelf adds a pop of color to any room and is a stylish organizational piece to accent the room.

The Traditional Transportation Bedroom: For a more classic spin on the transportation room, try accenting with bright colors in red and blue. Start with the Cars and Trucks Twin Quilt by Whistle & Wink. Vintage cars drive across the timeless Cars and Trucks Quilt! When the weather changes you can switch out the quilt with the Windowpane Plaid Duvet in red, white, and blue 100% cotton percale with red cord piping! Also, I love the Sport Racer Pedal Plane by Airflow Collectibles. This item is not only a great decorative piece, but it will also provide hours of entertainment for your child. Pair it with other vintage inspired décor, such as the Speed Limit Canvas Reproduction and the Vintage Stripes on White Base Lamp by Oopsy Daisy.

An Educational Yet Fun Transportation Playroom: We have some great interactive rugs that will work well in a transportation playroom. The Ride the Train Play Carpet and Race Track Play Carpet by Learning Carpets are my favorites because both are perfect for your little boy’s mini race cars, trucks and trains as it features swirling curves. Organize all of your child’s cars and trucks with our Boys Personalized Storage Crates by When I Was Your Age. The possibilities are endless with these Personalized Storage Crates because you can choose the color and text to match any theme! Lighting is important in any room where you little one will play so go with a great overhead light. One of my favorite ceiling fixtures for a transportation theme is the Helicopter Three Light Chandelier in Satin Nickel!

New: The Little Acorn

The Little Acorn is now on! This new line features children’s bedding and fun nursery décor that includes kids art, rugs and pillows. I love the Sweet Pea 3-Piece Baby Bedding Set which features adorable animals on downy material!

You can create an adorable Sweet Pea gender neutral nursery theme around the Sweet Pea 3-Piece bedding! Decorate your Sweet Pea Nursery with the Sweet Pea Rug, Night Owl Canvas Reproduction, Peanut Canvas Reproduction and Sweet Pea Canvas Reproduction all by The Little Acorn.

Sale: 10% off Oilo

Now through March 31st, save 10% on all Oilo products on Dynamic in Cobalt or Spring Green motifs, the Oilo line of modern crib bedding, gliders, pillows, and lighting offers a perfect way to create symmetry, balance, and harmony in baby’s room. We love the Wheels and Modern Berries children’s bedding sets that come with skirt, bumper, and fitted sheet. Also, brighten up your kids room with dramatic Oilo lighting pendants in Cylinder or Double Decker!

How to Decorate a Fairyland Bedroom

After returning from a trip to Orlando, Florida and visiting the magical world of Disney, I was inspired to write about decorating a fairytale bedroom for girls. Creating a magical room for your little girl will feed her imagination and give her space to grow among elements of comfort and luxury.

Personally, I love the fairyland theme because it incorporates elements that are both magical and elegant. The room I envision incorporates things like flowers and butterflies among subtle elements of sparkle. So here are a few ways to decorate your fairytale room!

Bedding – The Fairyland Quilt and Sheet Set by Whistle and Wink is the main focus of the room. This girls bedding features sage green and pixie pink colors, combining earthy hues with magical and inspiring designs. Lurex threads shimmer among embroidered butterflies and fairies, adding the perfect element of fairy dust sparkle. Accessorize with the Fairyland Decorative Pillow and Printed Standard Shams to complete the look.

Décor – The Fairy and Flowers Hand-Painted Clock is another great piece for this enchanted bedroom. The clock features a unique design and hand-painted artwork, adding a playful and whimsical element to the room. Personalization is so popular right now! There is nothing that can’t be personalized, from clocks to growth charts, bedding and artwork to furniture. Every child loves to see their name in their room because it reinforces that this is their space and makes them feel special. So personalize with the Whimsical Fairies Handpainted Wall Letters.

Lighting – Sparkle is an essential piece of the fairytale-inspired bedroom. The Eleanor Pink Chandelier by Maura Daniel captures the natural sparkle of the fairyland forest with its adornment of dainty crystal flowers and subtle pink teardrops. In addition to an overhead light it is very important to have a secondary light source, such as a table, floor or reading lamp. The Small Sophia Sage Lamp by Maura Daniel adds a softer light and is a great way to create a quiet mood for reading and relaxing.

Kids Rugs – Our Rose Garden Rug in pink or green is the perfect accent for a fairyland girls bedroom. This chenille braided rug is solid, soft, smooth, and 100% reversible!

On Sale Now: Hoohobbers Crib Bedding and More!

Now through February 28th, all Hoohobbers crib bedding sets, diaper bags, and moses baskets are on sale. Save 10% on the entire Hoohobbers children’s bedding line at Rosenberry!

Hoohobbers has received “Best Design” awards from America’s Juvenile Products Association, the Parents Choice Award, and has been voted into the permanent collection of America’s premier modern art museum, New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). With a dedication to customer satisfaction, each and every unique piece designed and created by Hoohobbers is guaranteed to be made to exceed your expectations. They also offer special personalization options and will produce your customized products in a timely manner!

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