New Kid's Art from Oopsy Daisy!

The incredible Oopsy Daisy Collection of children’s art includes canvas reproductions, mural banners, night lights, growth charts and more, all from an amazing team of artists who are always adding new, beautiful pieces to the collection. Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids is one of our most popular lines of children’s art on, known for its bright color palette, design variety, attention to detail, and simply beautiful works of art! We recently added all kinds of new pieces from Oopsy Daisy to the site, including art from Aaron Christensen, Megan and Mendy Winborg, Lori Siebert and many more talented artists. Check out some of my favorite new pieces below and be sure to see the entire Oopsy Daisy Collection where you are sure to find the perfect work or works of art to light up any nursery or kid’s room!

Meet Celebrity Nursery Artist, Marnie Vollenhals of J.AUSTINRyan!

Today I am so thrilled to introduce illustration artist, Marnie Vollenhals of J.AUSTINRyan Designs! Marnie’s collection of hand-painted, original children’s art pieces include delightful characters and beautiful color palettes. J.AUSTINRyan is named after her three energetic boys and the aesthetic behind her line is a modern/classic one, creating timeless works of art your child will love for years and years. Recently, Marnie V. had the joy and privilege of painting the nursery ceiling and window for celebrities, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon! Mariah and Nick requested a dreamy sky painted ceiling and window and Marnie did such an amazing job that Mariah said the ceiling was her favorite part of the room! Read on to see pictures and find out more about Marnie’s work with the Carey/Cannon nursery and the inspiration behind her line of whimsical and loveable hand-painted children’s art!


Marnie Vollenhals of J.AUSTINRyan Designs

How would you define the J.AUSTINRyan style philosophy?

I feel like it’s a mix of modern, vintage, and whimsical illustration all in one. My style is very eclectic and I really love to create art that’s different. I love color, simplicity, and really want people of all ages to wonder when they look at it. I’ve been told by many, that my art just makes them happy. I love that.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

Well, I would really have to say my passion for anything baby and juvenile started when I worked in California for Gail Sedigh at AFK. I worked with them for 9 years and really got a taste of what it’s like to be in this industry. Then my husband’s job transferred us to Fort Worth, Texas and I simply missed creating, designing, and working. At first I started donating to local and nationwide charities for children and the response was overwhelming. I still donate 1 or 2 pieces a month to charities nationwide, I LOVE to give. A few months later is when I realized I needed to start my own business, around 3 three years ago today.

Why did you choose to design and paint children’s art?

I’m a natural illustrator by trade and that’s what I studied in school. I am also finally illustrating my first children’s book now and it’s almost done, which I’m very excited about.

With that said, I wanted to incorporate my style of illustration and art into art for children. It’s all about wanting people to have a piece of me and my work. I LOVE shipping art around the world with my name on it, to me that’s simply COOL. Being an artist now in this industry has really made me brave. There are so many talented artists out there and I love the fact that my art is within the variety.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I think it’s getting those “thankful” emails from my customers. With my company, I’m the only artist, shipper, invoice sender, and everything else so I really enjoy seeing my hard work pay off with my customers.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?

I have two. “ The Raining Mister Elephant” and “ The Adventures of Rocket Dog.”

What sets J.AUSTINRyan apart from other designers in your industry?

Tough question. I think what really sets me apart is everything I’m involved in. From being on fabulous websites like, sold in stores, illustrating books, and some art galleries, the name J.AUSTINRyan by Marnie V. is out there.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

I do have some new designs that I’m working on. I’ll only give a hint to one though. It’s a set of safari paintings, and that’s all I’ll say.

I recently was hired by Gail Sedigh of AFK to paint the nursery for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon….that was so much fun. Mariah loves the sunset sky so she wanted me to create that on the nursery ceiling. I guess I listened well on the details, because she loved it! It had a soothing bohemian look to it, it is gorgeous. We also added gold leaf stars scattered everywhere on the ceiling in different sizes and shapes. That’s when it really came together. Truly unique and special is what I call it. The project was fun and I can’t wait for the next.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Nursery Ceiling - Painted by Marnie V.

Mariah Carey's Nursery Window - Painted by Marnie V.

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food- I’m a health nut, so really anything that’s good for me

Favorite TV Show- All reality shows -Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis….he cracks me up!

Favorite Movie- Anything funny

Favorite Weekend Activity- I’m a die-hard football mom. Secrets out! In Texas, football is year round, with a couple of months off in between. So my weekends are usually involved with cheering, yelling, and praising my boys. We also have a pool, so we spend a lot of time with our boys swimming and playing basketball in the pool. It gets rough, but it’s fun.

Favorite Band- I really don’t have a particular favorite. I listen to everything. And in my car, my kiddos take over the radio.

Animal Print Bedroom Theme

You may be thinking, is animal print too mature for a little girl’s room? Indeed its fashionable nature and appreciation by women may make it seem so. However, when paired with the right elements, animal print can add a splash of classy yet playful style to any kid’s room.

When decorating with animal print, always remember that less is more. Because animal print makes such a bold statement, it’s best used for accessorizing a room with a piece here and there, and not all over. Check out some of these fun ideas for designing an animal print themed room!

Bedding – These Safari Zebra Blankets by Little Giraffe are the perfect choice for an animal print theme! The bold zebra print is paired with baby blue, baby pink or white, creating a distinctive design accent that is sophisticated yet sweet.

Lighting – Another route you may wish to take is to feature the animal print in its natural colors for an even more classy look and bring out your color elsewhere. This 5-arm Glass Turret Chandelier by Jubilee features black and white zebra print shades, but is also accented with pink bows to add a childlike charm.

Art – A great piece of wall art is another way to tie in the theme to your child’s fashionable room décor. Oopsy Daisy canvas reproductions often incorporate animals and fun patterns and are a great choice for this exciting theme. Timmy the Zebra in Powder Blue Canvas Reproduction will appeal to your young animal lover while accenting your chic design vision perfectly.

Accessories – If you’ve already chosen your room’s larger pieces, it’s easy to choose some great animal print accent accessories to liven things up! This Green Zebra Stripe Wall Clock works perfectly for a splash of color and chic feel. Not to mention, this clock can be personalized!

Animal print pieces are sassy, fun, and timeless. If used in a minimalist approach, they have the potential to create a sophisticated and stylish environment for your little one for years.  All of these animal print products and many more come alive in Rosenberry Rooms’ wild assortment of wall art, kids rugs, girls chandeliers and much, much more!

Gone Fishing Boys Bedroom Theme

I attended a two-year-old birthday party last weekend filled with children who were obsessed with Sponge Bob! I did come across one boy, a ten-year-old Matthew, who told me about his fishing trip that morning. He and his father went down to a creek behind their house and spent the morning fishing and exploring the surrounding area filled with insects, foliage and animals. Matthew was now all about fishing! He is the perfect example of how quickly a child’s interests can change. One day it’s a Sponge Bob and the next week it’s fishing. Thank you Matthew for sharing with me your excitement about fishing! His enthusiasm inspired me to come up with a fishing themed bedroom. Now here are some ideas for designing a fishing themed bedroom!

Art – First and foremost when I thought about a fishing bedroom my mind immediately went to all of the amazing children’s art we carry on The first piece that came to mind is the Motions To Cast Canvas Reproduction by MaryJack Studios. The text on this piece reads, “A day so perfect had come at last. Practiced were all the motions to cast. Found already was the bait. And now so patiently all to do is wait.” Laura Hescock, artist for MaryJack Studios and mother of two, paints the perfect picture of what it’s like to go fishing! I would pair the Motions To Cast Canvas Reproduction with The Boat Canvas Reproduction also by MaryJack Studios.

Bedding – I’ve chosen the appropriately named Fisherman’s Quilt by Serena and Lily. This bedding combines a stonewashed color palate with contrasting colors of blue, gray and yellow. Cotton fish are stitched upon the quilt in an intricate design that is perfect for your little fisherman!

Children’s Furniture – For this bedroom, I love the antique look of the Basecamp Collection of furniture by Young America by Stanley. If you go with Young America by Stanley you will definitely get quality, functional pieces that will last a lifetime. For fun, add the Bosuns Gig Shelving Unit. This piece will give the room a genuine nautical feel because this shelf looks like a smaller version of a real sea-going vessel!

Meet Laura Hescock of MaryJack Studios

Today, the selection of children’s art is simply wonderful! There are so many varying styles and types available for children and parents to enjoy. Canvas reproductions are one of the most popular and my personal favorite! Many talented artists reproduce their artwork in this affordable way and we have the pleasure of offering their inspirational pieces on One very talented artist in particular that we would like to feature, is Laura Hescock of MaryJack Studios. Laura Hescock’s original works of art are reproduced using the finest giclee print process. Then the canvases are gallery wrapped on a two-inch-deep stretcher frame, ready to hang anywhere in your home. My favorite MaryJack piece would have the be The Path Canvas Reproduction! We have this canvas hanging in our boutique and it is truly gorgeous. The Path features flowers blooming along branches that are embellished with hand-sewn sequins and beads. When you look up close you will notice a light dusting of sparkling, iridescent powder that completes this magical design. Every time I walk into our design center and glance up at The Path canvas is makes me smile :) . You really need to see this piece up close to appreciate all the intricate details and the emotion that goes into creating it!

It is evident that Laura Hescock puts her heart and soul into every piece she creates. This mom, artist, and entrepreneur draws her inspiration from her children and it really shines through in her designs. To view the entire collection of kids art by MaryJack Studios on click HERE. Now it is my pleasure to present our interview with Laura Hescock artist and creator of MaryJack Studios.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the MaryJack Studios style philosophy?

The MaryJack style is intentional and seems to cut across many style genres. My pieces have found a special place in everything from traditional to modern design. This is absolutely fabulous to me. Art is not something that is created to match décor; it is created to fit into any décor simply because it is interesting and special.

I created each piece in the collection as an intentional statement to or about my children. It has been so rewarding to see other parents appreciate my work as something that they relate to as well. I love when people tell me that they “found my piece” the other day and fell in love with it. I love the word found, reminds me of a treasure or a discovery of something special. Everyone can always find room for something special, right?

What inspired you to become an artist and start a business?

I am a professionally trained painter and have enjoyed creating art my entire career. After my two children were born I began to get the notion of using my emotion for them as a theme for a collection. I painted the 20 original pieces of the now MaryJack collection merely as a study in that theme. After the collection was complete and friends saw them, I began to think that these images might strike a chord with others and started to explore how best to create a business around the collection. I have always been proud of the fact that the business was created to fit the art versus the other way around.

Why did you choose to design children’s artwork?

My two children Jackson and MaryAnn were my inspiration. The company is named after them in fact.

What is your favorite part of your daily work…when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I love to create an idea. The execution of the idea, like the actual painting is fun too, but my joy is in brainstorming how best to illustrate an emotion or statement.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?

Wow, couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Each piece was created with something specific in mind. I do tend to favor the definition series, though. I love combining my prose with my illustrations (Unique, Classic, Steady, Simple.)

What sets MaryJack Studios apart from other children’s art designers?

I would hope that it is my original take. I created all of my pieces to be appreciated by my children, yet remain true to a statement or blessing that I wished for them. I feel like this combination of “equally for children and for parents” is a good quality of MaryJack and gets noticed.

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food
This would be easier if it was least favorite food, because I love all food. Chips and dip are my weakness for sure though.

Favorite TV Show
Are there better shows than Modern Family and 30 Rock? I think not.

Favorite Movie
As girly as this is going to make me sound, “The Notebook” is my favorite movie.

Favorite Weekend Activity
Cheering “Go MaryAnn” or “Yeah Jackson” from the sidelines of our million sports activities.

Favorite Band
This is a hard question. It is one of those questions for me that you have to qualify with favorite type of “this music genre” band because I truly have so many types of music that move me. Actually music plays a big part in my studio time. I love how music can put you into thinking with your creative side almost instantly.

On Sale Now: P. Carter Carpin Prints

Save 20% on P. Carter Carpin prints! This includes our Valentine’s Day gift pick, the Love Lives Here Print. P. Carter Carpin has created a beautiful line of colorful prints for children from her original paintings. By incorporating her history as a textile designer into details like photo silk screening, hand dyeing and stitching, as well as her love for “happy art”, P. Carter Carpin has established herself as an artist whose pieces create a world of bright and cheery life! Click HERE to view all of our P. Carter Carpin prints on

Room Theme: Love Birds

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! With the day quickly approaching I’ve been thinking about different ways to incorporate my favorite holiday into a room design that avoids using hearts and images of cupid. How about a love bird theme? A love bird design provides a refreshing option for your little girl’s bedroom and emanates a classic, cool vibe that your child will appreciate at any age.

1. Bedding - My inspiration for this design theme was Whistle and Wink’s Bird of Paradise Girls Bedding. All of Whistle and Wink’s designs are simple in nature, but accented with beautiful colors which capture the eye and inspire the imagination. I love the contrast of soft purple among the brightly colored embroidered birds. This design is available for cribs or twin beds!

2. Lighting -  I chose the Sarah Lamp by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs. This unique lamp is handmade by artisans in Haiti and features two adorable birds on a paper mache tree branches. Both the stand and the shade are available in different colors, making this piece customizable to your room color scheme.

3. Children’s Art – I love DwellStudio’s Garden Multi Wall Art. This piece features a vintage bird sitting on a branch among bright leaves and bold flowers. Another great option is the Little Yellow Love Bird Canvas by Oopsy Daisy. This beautiful canvas of art features two adorable yellow birds among flowers and dragonflies. Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids is known for its dedicated team of artists who produce high-quality canvases in a timely manor. The artists reproduce their artwork on canvas in an affordable way, and the nice thing is that it is very easy to switch out the look of the room without the commitment of a mural on the wall.

4. Rug – For a nursery the Spring Meadow Rug in Dandelion by Colonial Mills Rugs would make a great accent rug in front of the crib. Another great kids rug option for baby or child is the Shaggy Raggy Rug in yellow by The Rug Market. Our shaggy raggy rug in yellow is an update on the traditional shag and is made of soft jersey. It looks great, is very soft to the touch, and the best part is, it can be thrown in the washing machine!

Unique Art by Petit Collage at Rosenberry Rooms

Jungle Bamboo Mobile

Jungle Bamboo Mobile

Unique Art by Petit Collage at Rosenberry Rooms is really something to share with family and friends. This is artwork for the nursery that also makes an excellent gift item for anyone with young children. Petit Collage is a large collection of wall art designed to delight and please children and adults alike. Designs are innovative creations that feature wood collages, art prints on wood, and acrylic mirror designs. Each Collage On Wood is a one-of-a-kind creation that is custom made just for you upon order. These are sure to become heirlooms within your family that will be treasured for decades and passed along to grandchildren.

Blue Animals

Blue Animals Alphabet Poster

The Petit Collage art collection was first conceived by renowned children’s artist Lorena Siminovich, in 2006. Her work with collages on wood expanded into other areas to include wood mobiles, mirror art, posters and more. She only uses the best quality eco-friendly materials to create her artwork, making these pieces truly special. Elements are bright and colorful or neutrally subtle. Add several to the nursery, bedroom or playroom to liven up your child’s personal space. The themes are just right for children, with ABC’s, animals, and nature figures. Petit Collage art is contemporary and childishly dramatic, and Rosenberry Rooms is proud to have this children’s art collection available to their customers. One quick look is enough to bring a smile to any parent’s face.

Framed Pinwheel Print

Framed Pinwheel Art

Suitable choices for boys or girls are the three varieties of alphabet posters. Letters correspond to matching artwork of animals, such as “A” for “alligator” and so forth. Available in three colors – pink, blue, or brown – you are sure to match your child’s decor with this whimsical and fun wall art. Another wonderful example is the Owl Family Collage on Wood – this bright and cheerful piece will bring smiles to everyone who passes by.

Little girls will enjoy imagining outdoor fun when they view the Framed Small Pinwheel Art Print. And for boys…who could resist laughing when they see the happy face of the Blue Monkey Collage on Wood?

When you seek art that is unique, creative and fun for children, the place to turn first is Rosenberry Rooms. Our products are chosen with care for children, babies, tweens and teens. and many, like Petit Collage, are heirloom quality collectibles to be treasured for years to come!


Ways to Decorate With Art for Kids

Fairy Tea PartyOften when parents decide on finishing up their children’s décor, some of the last things to be purchased or put in place is the artwork. I am sure there are many different reasons, but it is most likely because art is such a personal thing, that we don’t want to rush into it and put up just any old thing. This takes time and thought and finding just the right pieces. Now, since we don’t have forever to decide what art is right, let’s look at some easy ways to overcome this art-buying fear that take the mystery out of the process and put fun and excitement into it.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate art in a room is to use a mix of old and new, sentimental and superficial – it brings the best of both worlds together and creates a wonderful ambiance. Old and sentimental would be a picture from a grandparent’s house that has been passed down – maybe even one that they drew themselves. Art like that should always have a place in your home, and if you have to change out the frame or matting, don’t worry that you will “ruin” it – you are simply repurposing it to fit into your child’s décor. Mix that piece with some new art that is fresh and modern and you now have interesting and meaningful décor surrounding your child.

Another way to decorate with art is to choose a series that is anywhere from 3 to 5 different pieces, which can be placed side by side or staggered. The advantage of series art is that you are able to cover a large portion of wall space with little effort. Don’t be worried that it will look All A Twittertoo staged. Although I am not a fan of having everything match, there is nothing wrong with having a series of art on one of the walls in your child’s room. This works well if your child has a specific passion for something like sports, nature themes, animals, etc. This type of art is also wonderful in the nursery for just the opposite reason as well – your baby obviously does not have any specific likes yet, so you can fill a large portion of wall space with simple canvases in themes like ABCs or monochromatic patterns.

I know I always mention this, but another wonderful way to incorporate art into your child’s room is to make it personal. This can mean choosing wooden wall letters that display either their full name, nick name or just their initials. Wall letters are also a fun way to divide up a room that two siblings may be sharing – you can place their initials over their side of the bed, or dedicate a wall to each of them, with their names and art that reflects their personality. Other personalized art may mean simply choosing a canvas where their name can be painted on, making it special and just for them.

Room with a Zoo

Lastly, the one rule to keep in mind is to not follow any rules! Art is full of energy and passion and life, so don’t try to over think the process of bringing it into your child’s room. Be sure to keep it feeling natural by keeping things different. Mix canvases with framed art, old with new, bold with subtle. Bring in art that has meaning and others just because, and the end result will be just wonderful. I hope I gave you another take on how to add art to your child’s room, making the process fun and enjoyable! Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

Art Inspired by Fall

As I drive around these days, I can’t help but be in awe of the changes taking place all around me in Nature. The leaves are just beautiful: fiery reds, bright yellows, and bold oranges – they have turned the landscape into an amazing art show. And to think that we get to view this for free every fall! As I take all of this in, I being to think of how there is a nostalgia that comes with the cooler weather and changing leaves as the days grow shorter and the nights take the lead. We tend to draw inward, to focus more on ourselves and our families. This is the time of holidays and memories, of family and friends. With the fall comes our getting back to the basics…trying to keep warm… coming up with creative indoor family activities…balancing daily life with the upcoming holiday travels and visitors. Yes, there is a distinct dynamic in the fall, and though it is very different than the dynamic and emotion we feel in the Spring, it is just as powerful and wonderful.

What better way to ride out these amazing emotions than to focus on some beautiful fall-inspired art. Now I don’t know if these artists actually created these pieces after a long fall drive, but for me, they reflect the changes and emotion that come with this time of year. Much like nature, art has the ability to immediately inspire, change, and alter our moods in a matter of moments, and that is why art so often imitates and reflects nature. Here are a few pieces of kid’s art that are wonderful visual reminders of how cleansing and calming this time of year can be.

Forest Fun Canvas – The colors and overall feel of this canvas definitely remind me of Fall. The trees are almost completely bare and all the colors are reflective of the ones that we see around us during these next months.

Forest Fun

October Memories Wall Mural – You may not be the “cabin type” but even so, you have to appreciate this amazing image. You can almost feel the crisp air and the sound of crunching leaves in the forest.

October Memories

The Path Canvas – Many may see this canvas as more fitting for Spring, however for me, the cool colors and scarce leaves on the branches speak of Fall and the beginning of wintertime.

The Path

Fall Tree Canvas – This is the most obvious Fall canvas, as is obvious by its name. I especially love the overall simplicity that is blended with great detailing throughout the image.

Fall Tree

Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

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