A Boy’s Explorer Bedroom!

This week’s “Real Room” comes to us from Rosenberry Rooms‘ owner Susie Fougerousse! She created this World Explorer room for her 7 year old son, Sebastien. Planes, cars, boats, maps and pictures of nature are sprinkled throughout the room, to create a subtle and understated theme that can grow with her son and be easily updated over the years.

World Explorer Bedroom

Susie chose classic colors and traditional basics for the bedding and furniture, and included decorative accents like the vintage airplane pendant and colorful wall art to add personality to the space.

World Explorer Bedroom

World Explorer Bedroom

“I’m a huge fan of artwork in kids rooms. It’s inspiring and engaging. Kids like to look at it and talk about it. The world map art above his bed sparks nightly conversations.”

World Explorer Bedroom

World Explorer Bedroom

“I love the personalized flag banner.  It has a rustic burlap texture and a cool typewriter font.  It spells out Buddy, Sebastien’s nickname.”

World Explorer Bedroom

World Explorer Bedroom

World Explorer Bedroom

Room Details:

Model Airplane – found here

Hand Knit Dolls – available here

Wall Pegs – found here

Artwork above the dresser – found here

Night Light – click here

Knit Backpack – available here

Bookholder – similar option here

Wall Letters – available here

Photography by Tim Bradley.


To see more of Susie Fougerousse’s kids’ rooms, check out her feature article in the latest issue of Cary Magazine!


Easy Themes for A Boy's Room

“Mom,” your son says, and feel free to insert your preferred nomenclature (mommy, Barbara, whatever) in place of that one, “I want my room to be full of space aliens.” And it’s begun. The long, difficult negotiation where your precious boy tries to get posters of aliens and other branded merchandise into his space, turning a room of your house into a commercial for the action figures from a Saturday morning cartoon. While it’s important to acknowledge your children’s individual tastes and interests, particularly in their bedrooms and leisure spaces, it’s equally important that they understand the importance of a tastefully decorated home.

By choosing basic, neutral colors, you can use a few pieces of artwork and wall hangings to change the motif of a room easily. In this case, the wall hangings can include pieces such as the Cowboys Canvas Reproduction, and the America’s Old West Canvas Reproduction. Thanks to subtle details like the Bandana Frame, you can use accent pieces to fit a room out in your son’s preferred theme without having to resort to branded merchandise that disrupts the carefully sculpted energy of your home.

Ahoy, ahoy! Pirates have gotten a lot of attention in popular culture over the last few years, and this fun oceanic motif can bring a sense of adventure into a young boy’s room. Look at pieces like the Pirate’s Cove Treasure Map Traceable Wall Mural, which can help encourage kids to learn about geography thanks to its representation of the world, when you consider how to bring your son’s love of pirates into his room. You can also use eye-catching details such as the Pirates Chandelier to give children’s rooms an edge without installing permanent fixtures that will affect the long-term design plans you have for the house.

Outer Space
Jokes about aliens aside, an interest in outer space makes for an excellent opportunity to teach your child about the universe. This can open gateways to better engagement with science, math, and physics. Encourage your son to move his fascination with aliens and monsters into focus with the Outer Space Oopsy Daisy canvas reproduction, or the Space Explorers I Canvas Reproduction, either of which will help ignite passions for the planets and scientific advancement.

At some point in his life, almost every boy (and many girls) go through periods of fascinations with dinosaurs; these prehistoric beasts set our imaginations on fire. Try the Organic Crib Bedding Set in a dinosaur theme – the tiny dino footprints are too cute to pass up, and the overall design is pleasant and soothing to look at. you can also use the Dinosaurs Graphic Banners to bring a modern-art-inspired look into the room of a child who loves these ancient lizards! Did ever a more tasteful, classy dino-cessory exist?

Whatever theme is the current “must-have” of your son, Rosenberry Rooms has the decorative solutions to keep it classy for mom and dad but still interesting, engaging and fun for him!


Easy Ways to Make Him Love His Room

Sometimes a frustrated parent will send their son off to his rooms for a time out. But what if his room is his favorite place in the house? Well, maybe that’s all the better. Create a place he really enjoys, and it will become a center of relaxation, creative play or reading, and a place to dream the big dreams of childhood.

Transportation BeddingStart by picking a theme, and since boys seem especially partial to vehicles and to sports, let’s explore these themes as a starting point. If you go with planes, trains, and automobiles, start with the centerpiece of the room, the bedding set. Most manufacturers offer numerous accessories for most sets, making it really easy to pull a room’s motif together. One nifty set your little man will love is the Duvet Bedding Set featuring Transportation. Masculine, rich colors and a striking block-style pattern produce plenty of interest, and deliver warmth and comfort, too. To accent the room, the maLicense Plate Woodytching Signs Multi Rugs in Small or Large are very cool, and if a bathroom is nearby that he mainly uses, the Transportation Shower Curtain will be a certain hit. For lighting, the World Map Overhead Light Fixture will have him dreaming of all the places those modes of transport will take him, or perhaps he’d rather span the skies with the Biplane Fighter Pendant in Satin Nickel. For the wall, an eclectic mix of transportation-related canvas art is available, but you might start with the Train Station Canvas Reproduction, or the License Plate Woody with Surfboard Oopsy Daisy Canvas Reproduction which can be personalized with his name.

Classic SportsIf you go the sports route, craft a locker room setting for your son with a vast array of choices. For bedding, go old school with the Classic Sports Twin Quilt with Pillow Sham, and carry it through with some sporty art. On the wall, a series of vintage sports canvases will set the tone for the pursuit of excellence and a commitment to giving anything he tries his best effort, on or off the field. Choose, perhaps, the Golf Classic Canvas Reproduction or the Basketball Game Ticket Canvas Reproduction. You might consider completing the look with some old sports equipment, picked up while hitting neighborhood garage sales – a worn catcher’s mitt, a set of real wooden golf clubs, a wood bat, or perhaps a classic jersey or two.

Rosenberry Rooms has a fine selection of all the elements needed to turn an ordinary bedroom into something extraordinary. We’ve just scratched the surface, so be sure to enjoy some relaxed time perusing all of our carefully chosen products. We are confident you’ll find just the right touches to create a unique, inviting room your son will truly love.


Winter Sports Themed Decor for Boys

While many of us try to avoid being out in winter weather, with the snow, wind, and icy roads or sidewalks to traverse, our little guys don’t seem to mind at all. They appear impervious to the cold while they are playing, and enjoy participating in hockey, skiing, sledding, some snow football, and the obligatory snowball battles whenever possible. When they get home, a hot meal and a cozy place to warm up are what they enjoy the most. Outfitting their room or play area with winter and ice sports themed décor gives them the opportunity to regroup while keeping their passion alive for their favorite winter sport or activity. While wall paint or carpet colors are rather permanent, it’s easy to decorate boys’ rooms with items for winter that can be rotated through the year with quilts, rugs, wall art, and more, for a timely and affordable seasonal approach. Consider these selections from Rosenberry Rooms, or peruse others online until you find the items your son will love.

Hockey PendantThis Hockey Pendant Light Fixture is very cool! It’s a hanging hockey rink with a see-through span of plastic “ice” with a scoreboard hovering over it. No doubt your young hockey enthusiast will be inspired by this unique fixture, and after turning it out for the night, will drift into pleasant dreams in which he scores the winning goal to thunderous shouts of “USA, USA!”

While he’s dreaming of glory, he’ll be kept snug and warm by the Hockey Quilt with Pillow Sham boy’s bedding. This cozy bed and pillow cover set is made from 100% cotton face cloth with cotton fiber backing for comfort, warmth and durability, and has a true all-American feel to it. Various sizes and accessories are available, including valance and dust ruffle, so the theme may be extended throughout the room.

Team Ticket hockeyThe Team Ticket – Hockey Canvas Reproduction by Oopsy Daisy would be a wonderful gift to present to a child after he’s been taken to a professional hockey game as a birthday gift of reward for great grades! He can pin the ticket stub to this handsome, professionally painted canvas, and the day will be etched in his memory – and high quality acrylic paint – forever. No framing required, and no breakable glass, means this is the right kind of art for an active youngster’s space. Other great winter sports canvasses are available, so you’ll find the one that fits your child’s tastes in sports or art work colors.

If your little sports enthusiast enjoys sitting on the floor to read his favorite sports magazine or watch his favorite team in action on the ice, the Hockey Rug by the Rug Market will give him a warm place he can really sinkSki Racer Decal his toes into. This handsome wool rug is made with a double, durable canvas backing for long-lasting enjoyment, and it’s just the right size for curling up or stretching out. A larger version is available, too, for larger guys to recline on, or for little guys to share with a buddy.

But remember that it’s not all hockey in the winter! Downhill ski racing provides lots of speed and thrills for young sports fans, whether they are on the hill or watching the best in the world tackle some incredibly tough mountains. The Ski Racer Wall Decal and the Ski Racer Magnet will inspire full-speed pursuit of his dreams, on the hill, in the classroom, or on whatever course he chooses.

When the season changes and your son’s passions drift on to baseball, don’t panic because there are plenty of decor options there, too, making it easy for you to to update his room with wonderful bedding choices, accessories, and room décor.


How to Shop for Children's Bedding

Pink TaffyWhen we are born, our perspective is greatly limited by our minimal experience. Seconds move slower. Images are more powerful to consider. Parents know that every experience felt by a young child has a lasting impact on their entire life. There is no insignificant detail in the lives of our children.

While this has obvious ramifications in education, nutrition, and other areas of child development, many underestimate the importance of a comfortable bedroom environment to the healthy and happy rearing of a child. Hours are spent in this room. A bedroom frames the entire life of everyone. It represents shelter and comfort. In consideration of this, every detail in the design of a child’s room should be carefully planned. You want to provide that warmth and safety that a bedroom should offer.

There arHeels Beddinge a number of details that make a successful bedroom design. The one we will consider today is bedding. Shopping for bedding is arguably one of the most important choices. Your child will be curled under them for a good portion of their young life. Bedding is your child’s warmth, comfort, and shield from imaginary monsters in the dark.

It is important to establish a general theme throughout your design. This should be reflected in your bedding choice. While it does not have to be a carbon-copy match of other colors, make sure that the overall design has a consonant and comfortable sense of blending.

Color choice can be neutral or gender-themed. For example, this Pink Taffy Children’s Bedding by New Arrivals is a wonderfully bright creation that has a layer of stylish detail which appeals to the eye of the adult as well. These options make use of color in a way that appeals to children, yet doesn’t require the overt themes that feel disorganized in a room design. The Heels Children’s Bedding Collection by Davenport delights young girls with fun colors and the sophistication and style of modern-era pop art.

Asher BeddingComfortable and coordinated styles for a boy’s bedroom are possible as well. Powder blues and sturdy browns can live in harmony with bright white and bold red in the Asher Bedding Set by Serena & Lily. These compact and crisp compilations of vivid and strong colors will provide a blended theme of excitement and organization. Themed bedding, like the stylish Destinations Bedding by California Kids, will encourage the blossoming explorer in your young boy. Themes like this that consist of a careful selection of colors will conform more easily to a room design. This will present a more organized and stylish look than many of the other bedding themes that are sold as a form of product merchandise for a new cartoon, book, or movie.

Whatever your specific taste, it is important that you select bedding that will give comfort in both feel and look. This is where your child will begin and end the day. It is possible to design the room in a way which is both pleasing to the child and stylish for visitors. Take care in this important decision.


Wall Art for Any Style

When you decide to fill your child’s room with art to personalize and liven up their space, most of the pieces you choose will be reflective of their personality. However, there are some pieces of artwork out there that are able to blend nicely with any color scheme, theme or personality type. The reason they have this universal appeal, if you will, is because of the colors and message being used in the artwork. These pieces are great options when you just need a little something extra but aren’t quite sure which way to go, or if you are just starting out and not completely sure what color or theme the room will become. For both boys and girls, it is important to have some of these universal pieces of art in their rooms to balance out the rest of the décor, keeping it from becoming overly thematic.

One example would be an ABC piece of artwork, which is great for the nursery or your grade school aged child. This type of artwork can serve as a learning tool, especially when interesting objects and illustrations are shown for each letter. I personally love the Classic Alphabet Girl Canvas by Oopsy Daisy, which features popular pastel colors that are muted enough to blend well with other pieces of décor and perfect for any girl’s room.


Another example of a universal type of artwork for boys would be a simple sports themed piece. Almost every boy loves sports at one time or another, but even if he prefers reading or building things, a simple piece of sports wall art will still fit in his room. There is a series of pieces by Green Frog Art including the Baseball one pictured below that are just great. Simple, neutral in color, and incredibly stylish, this framed art would blend well in any boy’s room.


I am a big fan of wooden wall plaques and think every child’s room should showcase one. They offer such a wonderful vintage feel and are able to blend in with any décor. There are so many different signs to choose from, but one that stands out to me as perfect for a boy’s room is the Three Old Goats Wood Sign, which you can personalize to say whatever you like. I also like how it is really theme neutral, but interesting and a great conversation piece.


Lastly, I would say that an abstract piece of art would work well with multiple themes and color schemes. Not every piece of art in your child’s room has to be theme-specific, and it is often a good idea to use at least one eye-catching piece for the sake of visual appeal.  This Blue Flames Canvas is a great piece for a boy’s room – it is very masculine but also a fun piece to offset the rest of his décor.


Keep your eye out for these types of wall art to start or complete your child’s room. Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

Timeless Themes for Your Boy's Room

Since my last entry was about timeless themes for girl’s rooms, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some themes and patterns for boy’s rooms as well. Although boys are generally simpler than girls, decorating their room in a great theme can be just as difficult. The struggle with boy’s rooms is keeping it age appropriate (fun and youthful) but also strong and masculine. If you are a parent that has absolutely no idea where to begin with your boy’s room, don’t worry! I have highlighted some classic themes for boy’s rooms that will not grow old or outdated. These are a great foundation for his nursery or bedroom and you can add fun accent pieces which will truly personalize the space for him.

Plaid – This is one of the simplest themes to use for a boy’s room, whether for his nursery or big boy bedroom. Plaid is a classic pattern, a little preppy and a very good base for any additional décor that you may want to add. Keeping larger pieces of décor with this pattern (such as bedding, rug, and lighting) will give you a strong and coherent look throughout his room. Feel free to add other design elements like what you see in this Windowpane Plaid Twin Duvet by Whistle and Wink to add interest and really personalize just for your little guy. I love the pattern and color combination that they use…it gives you a vintage feel but remains modern and fresh at the same time.


Nautical – At first this may seem a little too specific of a theme, but to achieve a nautical look, you really are just keeping the tones in the room a little more monochromatic with blues and white / beige. A nautical room is very masculine and allows you to really have fun in the details. For a nursery, you can expand your décor to include sailboats and lighthouses, and for an older child, focus on oars, ropes, and compasses. I chose to highlight the Sailboat Iron Bed by Corsican which I love because it makes such a statement, and is a piece of furniture that you can build the entire room around.


Stripes – Stripes are incredibly versatile and can be used for either girl or boy, but I prefer them in a boy’s room, where you can use larger, bolder stripes and colors, creating a great focal point of the room. Much like plaid, you can use other design elements and patterns, giving you endless possibilities to personalize his room. Looking at the Asher Bedding by Serena & Lily, the strong color choice makes a great starting point for the room. They pair this with a diamond pattern sheet set and also offer a star sheet set as an option – both complement the stripe well and make for a very masculine room.


There are obviously many other options when decorating for a boy’s room; however these are great basic themes that give you versatility and will not get old anytime soon. Check out these other themed room options on Rosenberry Rooms and let your creativity and inner designer take over…happy decorating!

Adriana Dehring

Boys Best-Selling Bedding

Best-Selling Boys Bedding – Organic Dinosaur Crib Bedding

Having and 8 year old and a 10 year old I have started to miss the baby phase. Luckily, several of my friends have recently had babies or are expecting. This gives me an excuse to peruse the wonderful selections of crib bedding that is now available. I haven’t had to think about or buy baby things in quite awhile and I am amazed at the colors, fabrics and designs that I have to choose from. In particular, boys crib bedding has come along way. I remember only a few choices when my son was an infant and now there are thousands of amazing boys crib bedding patterns that make it a hard, but wonderful decision! I remember placing my infant son into his crib at night and just standing over him, watching him sleep. The imprint of his light blue sheets and train design crib border is forever engrained in my memory. Every time I think of him snuggled into his crib amongst the soft blue bedding, I can smell that wonderful baby smell again. I want to give my girlfriend that same kind of joy when she looks over her sleeping baby. I want her memory to permanently imprint with that beautiful sight.

I have been scouring the best-selling boys crib bedding selections and found this adorable crib set that is the perfect setting for these memories – Organic Crib Bedding Set – Dinosaur by Argington.


 This best-selling boys crib bedding has soft blue dinosaur print with a reversible comforter printed with dinosaur tracks. Some of the dinosaur designs are nose to nose as if playing. When I look at this luxurious crib bedding set, a sense of warmth and comfort comes over me. Other great features are that this set is 100% certified organic cotton sateen, 220 thread count, which means that no herbicides or pesticides have been used in production. The prints are done with low impact dyes using a low impact printing process. Comforters, bumpers, and pillows have 100% cotton fill. The fabric texture is smooth to the skin and remarkably soft. And above all….it is all natural. Organic crib bedding set includes:

1 reversible comforter (36″ x 50″)
1 reversible bumper
1 fitted sheet
1 crib skirt

And, of course, I love the FREE SHIPPING on this items offered by Rosenberry Rooms.

I hope that my girlfriend will experience the love and beauty nestled into this organic crib dinosaur bedding that I have forever in my memories.


Read more about Dinosaur Best-selling Boys Crib Bedding

Shop for more great Best-selling Boys Crib Bedding at RosenberryRooms.com


- Amber

Through the Celebrities Eyes

As the summer months begin to heat up, the buzz for a style revival is in the air. People are updating their lifestyles, wardrobes, home furnishings, and more. For all those moms and moms-to-be, Rosenberry Rooms has everything needed to give you and your little one a fresh start to the season. With our huge selection of baby décor and accessories, you are sure to find something perfect to fit your individual taste, budget, and style. Celebrities have trusted in the superior quality and vision of our designers, as they selected a new bag or customized their child’s room. Check out all the designers at Rosenberry Rooms that caught Hollywood’s attention in the recent months!

AmyKathryn designs fashionable, functional, and eco-friendly bags that can be used as a purse or diaper bag interchangeably. Her line is perfect for women who are committed to “going-green” without sacrificing style!Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt was spotted on Sunset Boulevard wearing the bold and beautiful Marigold Yellow bag by AmyKathryn. Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars was also seen on Sunset Boulevard with AmyKathryn’s stunning Gladiola Magenta bag.

New Arrivals Inc. continues to be a huge hit for celebrity couples. With a children’s bedding and décor collection that would compliment almost any theme, it is no wonder New Arrivals is all the rage during the decorating stage! In the most recent issue of Life & Style Magazine, Trista and Ryan Sutter were featured with their newborn baby, Blakesley, and son, Max.  The couple used New Arrivals bedding and accessories to make the perfect nursery and “big boy room” for their children. Also, star of Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross, decked out her twin daughters’ nursery with New Arrivals décor. Some finishing touches in Eden and Savanah’s room included pink and green flower pegs, pink polka dot wood cottage frames, and Shabby Rose burpee sets. In addition, Sean “Diddy” Combs, father of Jessie James and DLila Star, used New Arrivals to create the perfect room for his twin baby girls. After selecting a “French Garden” theme, Combs’ designer chose pink and green accessories like wall clocks, footprint frames, and wastebaskets to finish off the girls’ nursery.

Belle Baby Carriers has successfully merged comfort, safety, flexibility and style to make the ideal baby carrier. This line of baby carriers is the answer for any parent on-the-go, and is even available in an organic material to appease the environmentally conscious mind! With six children under the age of eight, Angelina Jolie certainly has her hands-full. This past year, she was featured in W Magazine with a chic Organic Black Belle Baby Carrier. This invaluable accessory allows Angelina to keep Knox or Vivienne right “in her arms” while remaining attentive to Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and Pax.

Pixie Dust Décor’s adorable collection of bedding, blankets, burp clothes and more will bring a little extra warmth to your baby’s first years. Choose from one of their classic bedding sets or customize your own with their beautiful fabric-by-the-yard; the perfect nursery is right at your fingertips! Alison Sweeney, host of the The Biggest Loser, was recently featured in People Magazine with her newborn baby girl. Megan Hope was wrapped in a cute, cozy, and chic Pixie Dust Jardin Secret Stripe Blanket.

Bratt Décor offers a wide selection of children’s furniture and accessories to suit any room or nursery. Whether it’s a contemporary, elegant or simple look you’re going for, the sky’s the limit with Bratt Décor! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller brought their twin boys, Max and Bob, home to a Bratt Décor nursery. Based off the vintage baseball theme of the room, the couple chose matching beds, changers, and cubbies from the Blu collection and a Casablanca Daybed in Pewter.

Featured as a favorite on Oprah and in many big name magazines, Fleurville is certainly one of top lines in the diaper bag industry. Known for their fabulous designs, unrivaled durability, and eco-friendly products, you can’t go wrong with a Fleurville bag. They’re even great for dads! Over the years, celeb after celeb has taken to the Fleurville diaper bag line. Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwenth Paltrow, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were all seen with children sporting their fabulous Fleurville bags.

So if you’re looking for a testament of customer satisfaction, turn to the celebs; AmyKathryn, New Arrivals Inc, Belle Baby Carriers, Pixie Dust Décor, and Fleurville (among many others) have all received the stars’ approval! Look for these exceptional designers and more at Rosenberry Rooms as you begin your seasonal makeover. Happy summer shopping!

-Katy Burns

Color 101: Utilize Color Basics for Your Kid’s Room

When you have the right colors in a kid’s room, suddenly you have transformed just a bedroom, nursery or playroom into a space that is fun and exciting. Color is what brings energy and life to a room and by choosing different combinations you will bring about a different emotion and “feel”. Some of you may choose to stay with a more conservative or safe palette while others are willing to try something a little bit more original. Whatever you decide is fine, because in the end color is something very personal – you have to be comfortable with your choices or you won’t be happy with the result.

Okay, so you are ready to decorate (or redecorate) the kids room…now what? Well, when talking about color and the right combinations, you will want to consider some important basics which I will highlight for you. Hopefully these pointers will help you decide on the right colors for your child’s room. Once you take these simple ideas of color and how to properly mix and match, you can transform any room and make it look really good.

So the basics…there are two groups of colors: warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows and beige) and cool colors (greens, blues, purples and grays). Warm colors are best used in living or gathering spaces because of the energy and warmth they create – living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, playrooms. Cool colors are more soothing and relaxing, making them perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and bathrooms. Next are the different color combinations: monochromatic (one hue/color), analogous (two hues/colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel: yellow, green), triadic (three hues/colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel: red, yellow, blue) and complementary (hues/colors located across each other on the color wheel: orange, blue) are the most common. Lastly, is how much of each color should be used in the room? To achieve a good balance, follow the 60-30-10 rule (read more details here) with 60% being dominant color usually on the walls, 30% secondary color typically with upholstery or bedding and 10% being the accent color that really gives the room a bit of pop. You can use these basic principles of working with color to really create a coherent and exciting space for your child and it leaves little room for error. Now to highlight some great color schemes for kid’s rooms with great décor to showcase them…

Pink & Green – we all love this sweet combination for a little girl’s room. Staying on the side of soft pink and sage you get a traditional look like with this Maribelle Crib Set by Little Bunny Blue:


If you want something a bit more modern then the brighter, bolder pinks and greens, like in this Lucy Bedding Set by Maddie Boo are for you:


Orange & Blue – this is such a great combination for a boy’s room. It is strong, bold and so visually appealing and I just can’t get enough of this Cole Bedding Set by Serena & Lily :


This bright and cheery Loin and Birds Canvas by Oopsy Daisy will make your little one smile for sure:


Red, White & Blue – don’t just think of this as being overly patriotic…it is actually great for a boys room to have these colors mixing like in this sharp looking Mariner Rug by The Rug Market:


What about these preppy Plaid Wooden Drawer Knobs…Mix these with any theme for an interesting finishing touch:


Shop for more great decor on Rosenberry Rooms, either trying one of the color schemes I mentioned above or follow the color basics to create your very own color combination!

Adriana Dehring

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