A Boy’s Explorer Bedroom!

World Explorer Bedroom

A little boy’s explorer bedroom design inspired by travel and nature!

Easy Themes for A Boy's Room

“Mom,” your son says, and feel free to insert your preferred nomenclature (mommy, Barbara, whatever) in place of that one, “I want my room to be full of space aliens.” And it’s begun. The long, difficult negotiation where your precious boy tries to get posters of aliens and other branded merchandise into his space, turning […]

Easy Ways to Make Him Love His Room

Sometimes a frustrated parent will send their son off to his rooms for a time out. But what if his room is his favorite place in the house? Well, maybe that’s all the better. Create a place he really enjoys, and it will become a center of relaxation, creative play or reading, and a place […]

Winter Sports Themed Decor for Boys

While many of us try to avoid being out in winter weather, with the snow, wind, and icy roads or sidewalks to traverse, our little guys don’t seem to mind at all. They appear impervious to the cold while they are playing, and enjoy participating in hockey, skiing, sledding, some snow football, and the obligatory […]

How to Shop for Children's Bedding

When we are born, our perspective is greatly limited by our minimal experience. Seconds move slower. Images are more powerful to consider. Parents know that every experience felt by a young child has a lasting impact on their entire life. There is no insignificant detail in the lives of our children. While this has obvious […]

Wall Art for Any Style

When you decide to fill your child’s room with art to personalize and liven up their space, most of the pieces you choose will be reflective of their personality. However, there are some pieces of artwork out there that are able to blend nicely with any color scheme, theme or personality type. The reason they […]

Timeless Themes for Your Boy's Room

Since my last entry was about timeless themes for girl’s rooms, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some themes and patterns for boy’s rooms as well. Although boys are generally simpler than girls, decorating their room in a great theme can be just as difficult. The struggle with boy’s rooms is keeping it […]

Boys Best-Selling Bedding

Best-Selling Boys Bedding – Organic Dinosaur Crib Bedding Having and 8 year old and a 10 year old I have started to miss the baby phase. Luckily, several of my friends have recently had babies or are expecting. This gives me an excuse to peruse the wonderful selections of crib bedding that is now available. […]

Through the Celebrities Eyes

As the summer months begin to heat up, the buzz for a style revival is in the air. People are updating their lifestyles, wardrobes, home furnishings, and more. For all those moms and moms-to-be, Rosenberry Rooms has everything needed to give you and your little one a fresh start to the season. With our huge […]

Color 101: Utilize Color Basics for Your Kid’s Room


When you have the right colors in a kid’s room, suddenly you have transformed just a bedroom, nursery or playroom into a space that is fun and exciting. Color is what brings energy and life to a room and by choosing different combinations you will bring about a different emotion and “feel”. Some of you […]

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