Fun and Personal Art: Hanging Wall Letters

One form of wall art for kids has quickly become one of the most popular and just so happens to be one of the most personal, too. Hanging wall letters are a great way to make your child’s room really feel like their own special space by proudly displaying their initials, full name or even just the first letter of their name on the wall. Many artists devote themselves to only creating hanging wall letters, and because of this you have a ridiculous amount of options to choose from.

These wall letters are available in multiple fonts, colors, patterns and sizes. You can choose between wood or metal, tiles or canvas and details like with or without ribbon, framed or with a letter stand – the choices are endless. There are even some artists who give you total creative freedom and will paint whatever style or pattern you want – even matching your child’s bedding! With so many types of hanging letters available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but if we break down the different options available to you and the differences between them, you will be able to choose the right hanging wall letters that you and your child will treasure for years.

Wooden Hanging Letters
These are typically the most versatile and can be customized to your specific needs and wants. Multiple sizes and fonts and of course the patterns can even be created by you, making these truly the most personalized form of wall art. You usually have the option to have hanging ribbon included as well, but make sure the letters you choose offer that option – others will simply have a sawtooth hanger or drill hole in the back for hanging. There are artists who even offer stands as an alternative way to display your letters which is a fun option to have. Another type of wooden hanging letter option is an initial framed on top of a fabric background – a great vintage look yet still fresh and new.

Metal Hanging Letters
This style of hanging letters offer less options for customization, however they also give you a completely different look. These are great for anyone who has iron furniture or enjoys the look of something with a little glitz and glam without being over the top. I also think that the metal hanging letters are something that can be passed down for generations making them truly heirloom pieces that can be appreciated by you now and cherished by your child as he or she grows. Rosenberry Rooms offers a line of metal hanging letters that have genuine Swarovski crystals imbedded in them but also offer you the option to keep them plain and without crystals.

Tile Hanging Letters
These ceramic tiles are another alternative to hanging wall letters for you. Typically you can customize the colors and patterns just like with wooden hanging letters, however you do not have the options to choose different sizes. Hand-painted name tiles hang from a coordinating ribbon and come in many fun and whimsical styles but artists are also willing to do custom work if you request it. These are also great for when you have a smaller space to fill and want a stand out piece of wall art.

Canvas Hanging Letters
Canvas hanging letters are like mini pieces of artwork for each letter of your child’s name and delicately finished with a ribbon for hanging. Hand painted pieces of canvas in amazing patterns or in a pattern that you choose make these a fun alternative to the hanging wall letter. For this particular style, it is popular to order them in monogram form – a little twist which I think makes them that much more interesting.

Whichever type of hanging wall letter you choose to go with, you will be choosing an amazing and beautiful piece of kids art for your child’s room. Once you decide on what type of wall letter you like, you will have a much easier time planning out all the details. I have some examples below of these different types of wall letters that can be found on

Wooden Hanging Letters
Metal Hanging Letters w/ Swarovski Crystals
Tile Hanging Letters
Canvas Hanging Letters

After you shop through the letters be sure to look at the rest of the décor and accessories that Rosenberry Rooms proudly offers you.

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